Saturday, November 01, 2008

Latest Updates:

It is...

We are still in the office...

this is no acting...

rush to finish one B.I.G project -___-"

They are working while...some of us are...

zzz' ing

Me just hanging out and you know...working

I work one okay? I post this entry while running back up hehe


Had sushi two days in a row

Sake Salmon @ sushi king

Sliced Squid

Sliced Scallop

Minced Chicken Salad @ Thai [very nice I tell you... hehe]

And also...had Mango sticky rice two days in a row o.O"

Mango Sticky Rice

p.s.: shoulder pain, sleepy, tired...thinking of sleeping @ the sofa o.O


ahzenn is DoomSeeker~ said...

Arr~~ I miss CCC!!! You guys look still the same leh~ I miss my seating place~ anyone sitting there? T_T

RYAN|TOMMO said...

sigh. that BIG project.

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

Zenn, we miss you too hor...
and your place got ppl sit redi, my team one :P If u want it come and get it baybeh~ hehe

Tommo, you must have known how miserable it is huh? that BIG project...sigh