Saturday, December 12, 2009

2nd Marathon of the year

If any of you would remember back in June, me and my friends participated in KL Marathon sponsored by Standard Charter Bank (SCB). Again, this month, we participated another marathon sponsored by SCB but this time was in Singapore.

I don't know about other, but myself was pretty excited slash nervous. I've no time for training at all. I was busy and away at most time.

Dennis's on the GPS with his iphone

Ted fully concentrated on the road

After we reached Singapore, Ted realized something. He forgot his precious camera bag at home in Johor Bahru. T_T|| poor thing had to drive all the way back to Johor Bahru to grab the bag and find us again in Singapore.

Frustrated Ted

While Ted was stuck in the jam at the Causway, we were collecting our race packs at Singapore Expo

Yes, we did the 10km again.

The marathon was really organized; very supportive cheers; a lot of participants; such an awesome trip of mine ever.

I was quite surprise I pulled it off. As I mentioned, I wasn't trained at all. Well, basically, I jogged once in two weeks before the marathon but that shouldn't be.

Next year target, half marathon. Dennis, are you up for this? hahaha
Will see whether or not I can do it. *wings*

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Dennis said...

Me likes the GPS pic! 21km ar... hhhmmm... well... er... actually... I suppose... you know... by the way... it's just that... however... nevertheless...

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

hahahaha okie... i've got the message lolz

Dennis said...

No you don't... I want to but I don't have faith in myself only... hahaha...

Ted said...

nice shots! frustrated Ted looks bad for my reputation, lol.

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

Dennis: yeah... i don't know. but I have faith in you.
Ted: naaa don't worry about that... there are so much more of the nicer look of you XD