Tuesday, June 30, 2009

International KL Marathon 2009

I have always wanted to participate in any charity events. Always want to be one of the volunteers who wish for nothing but to help out. In such events, I might have not done so much, but I'll try my best.
As some of you may know that myself, Dennis and Jenn Ting attempt to participate the International KL Marathon 2009. And yes we did it, not just to attempt hehe

As I speak and had participated, it was not the charity alone that had pulled my guts and made me one of the runners. I have another checked box in my 40th things I should do before I die, and to try out and to have faith in my own self, I proved that I could do it just like any other open soul.

myself with an unsure facial expression and the race pack

We got up around 4am, get ready, had breakfast and head to Dataran Merdeka for the excitement events of the day.

Jenn Ting and Me

Dennis and Me

Jenn Ting and Dennis
[pardon the stretching pose, they were just too excited]

we were so ready~

and so were the other 5,097 runners
[the number were roughly gave by the MC that we had 5100 runners for the 10km run]

By the dawn break, we found ourselves at the finishing line with an excited and happy faces

We glad we made it

Dennis and Ted

myself, little bit in red and heat... really happy for myself

Dennis with a proud present

the Medal

for the 10 KM Finisher

Jenn Ting


I have set some targets that I should archived in 2009. I have flew for 4 times, participated in two marathons in the last 6 months. Those were something that I have never done before in such period.

Folks, just remember, always look out for yourself and have faith.

p.s. all photos were taken from Dennis. Check out more photo @ his facebook :)


Dennis said...

Hahaha... "have faith"... now you sound like Jenn Ting...

Let's do the half marathon next year...

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

evolved with him too much T____T||

see la...if m still around maybe i will be there :)