Thursday, July 30, 2009

Putrajaya lakeside ride..

As planned, cycling it is...

p.s. more photo coming up very the soon....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kopiais's thinking of things to do on this Thursday... Cycling, picnic, house shifting, mmu, jusco day, movie, fish head noodle...
Christine: how many hours do you have on one Thursday??

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

There is a new restaurant opened (that I know of) in Cyberjaya, calls Seri Penang.
From far I thought it was a car show room or one of the service centers that lately grow like mushrooms in Cyberjaya...heh.

The decoration is quite ok. Simple and easy. You will not be disturb by the decoration. The food was alright (I think is better than the old penang house T___T ) and reasonable price.

Oh well, the reasonable price is as at today, 2009. This is because recently everything is also expensive in compare with last year where you can get fried rice at RM 4, and now at least RM 6 to 7.

Soya with cendol

Soya with cendol

Lemon barley

Char kuy teow

Chicken lobak lobak

Penang fried rice special

Penang fried rice special

Penang prawn mee

Clay pot chicken rice

Durian cendol

Overall, it was quite alright. Not bad to try out, but nothing special to get me to eat there everyday or week.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Desperately looking for Daisy and Cupcake . . .

I feel down today.
I've been trying to avoid fighting the feeling since like forever.
Always remind myself, nobody is perfect.
It's okay for making mistakes (just learn from it and make it right).
Stay strong.
It's okay for not knowing things.
Keep learning.
It's okay to start from zero.
Get a fresh start.
But there is one moment when they said "you do not know things".
It's the moment that pulling me down under the earth.
It won't make me give up or shed my tears. No it won't.
I'm just not happy.
I'm just upset.
I know I can start learning.
I know I can continue living.
It's just I'm not happy enough to put a smile on my face.
At this moment, I would like very much someone to talk nonsense with me there I will forget this craps that I have in my mind.
At this moment, I would like very much someone to pet my back and say I'm doing just fine.
At this moment, I would like very much a sincere smile and a warm hug.
I miss them.

I am satisfied...for the night ^_^

I had a very long tired day and ended with a very good night.
Thanks god I have such good and loving friends who willing to join me with the joy ^_^ tqtq

Let's have a good dinner together! I said.
Okie, they said.
Cyber where got nice food? I said.
Cyber where got nice food! They said.
Let's go Sunway, they said.

I have never been such satisfied before. It is considered the first time that I really really enjoy my dinner even though I am so tired and stress. We went to Zan Mai ('s my fav place).
I asked Nic to try the Toro Salmon, and he loves it. And so I tried Hamachi (the yellow tail). *two thumbs up*

My Hamachi (yellow-tail) && Nic's Toro Salmon (salmon belly)
very very very the jelly good

Nic's Chuka Lidako (seasoned baby octopus)
very the jelly good

My Unagi Yanagawa (eel simmered with burdock and egg)
very very very the jelly good

something something wakame O.o||
very the jelly good

My Soft Shell Crabs Maki (fried soft shell crab)
very very the jelly good

Kah Wai's Tenzaru Udon (cool udon noodle with tempura)

p.s. I missed out one more photo, the Soft shell crab sashimi

This is not the end of the night, Kah Wai then had to meet up with Hendra for a drink. I first did not want to join because too tired and have to get to work early (you know... need full concentration :D) But it was still bit early so we joint her for A drink.

We went to Republic. Kah Wai ordered her fav, red wine, a bottle of it. Nic had Jack Daniel and I had Black Russian. The black russian was pretty good, I must say. I've never expected it to be that good (well, I expected some disappointment actually haha). But it's the other way around hehe :P
After awhile we ordered cheese cake and tiramisu... I was craving for cake so badly (even though we just had it on Sunday on Max and Pete's belated birthday but you know when you crave for something it's always wanted and best haha)

Cheese Cake


I know I know my photo are ugleh... but naaa it's okay, it's not the food that I ONLY want to take, it's the moment that I want to remember. This is gooder than nothing hahaha (Ya, I used gooder, any problem?).

And I had the very satisfied dinner, a good drink and the very lovely desserts...^___^

Alrighty peps, I shall return to my cave to sleep... @___@

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fish head noodle @ Shang Gee, SK

I went for fish head noodle @ shang gee [pardon me if I got the wrong spelling] at Seri Kembangan area (behind Jusco). It was really nice and the price is really reasonable. ^_^

belacan chili

attempt to eat the chili -____-||

Fish head noodle [medium size]

this ain't medium...this is huge!
And this thing cost RM 15 only!!

Do you see the difference of the size...

yum yum~~

finally.... we start eating chee er...heh

I actually dragged my colleag and went there again yesterday hehehe ^_^
I went to Jusco, Equine with Christine after work yesterday. Patched up with her for a bit since the last I saw her before I took off to Cambodia :P, says 3 months ago.
I just feel easy and comfortable talking to her no matter what topics... She's one of the adorable crazy innocent intelligent friends of mine hahaha [promote her a bit, though she's attached]
And she claimed to be my blog fan hahaha but she no idea that I've got promoted T____T" where got like that one... *cis*
We head to Kenny Rogers for dinner... was too hungry to think how suck they were...

Strawberry Yogurt drink
[I start to like my phone more and more now... thanks to lion teach me how to use pf T_T]

Cheesy Chicken
It was ok, but I still prefer baked potatoes from Wendy

set promotion...

Notice: only fountain beverage is unlimited refillable... others...sorry duuuuuddddee~
the menu sucking confuse, don't bother to ask them.

cup noodle taste studies

I'm on a cup noodle taste study, I will let you know which one I think is best hehe
[no offense, maggie, I eat almost everyday already T_T]

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

sis: I know what you can get me for my birthday.
me: Say say..what is it?
sis: Open a saving account and keep the money there.
me: heh? under your name?
sis: No, under YOUR name.
me: what the....
sis: Hmmm deposit 500...
me: O.o|| eh wait...RM 500?
sis: ah monkey (that's how she call her lovely sister) no, USD 500
me: don't want to talk to you already... i go back to work

hahaha my sis so cute leh... ask me to save money O.o||

Thursday, July 16, 2009

good things

I'm off today. I mean I'm off, I didn't go to office. I wasn't on leave. I was just off today. Been in the school all day, did some stuffs. Get something done and tons more to go.... hmmm this gonna be a while. Nothing much happen lately, just some routine good things.

Good things happen at anytime in any forms, it is just a matter whether are they appreciated or not. I might be spending so much time in office or in school, my life might not be very happening, but good things that happen daily just nice and comfort enough to keep me alive and hopeful.

First is pasar malam

with good companion

then the mille crepe cake

then friend's good time

then somemore cupcakes

and some nice and good food

along by friend's happiness

You know, you should too! hehe

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I've never feel such loneliness before.
What happen?
I shut the door, sit by my window.
I feel empty. It's cold and blank.
I look out, it ain't the same Sunday night I ever had.
The lights across the street, they ain't the same no more.
They just ain't mine.
I don't feel attached here all of the sudden.
I'm puzzled. I'm tired.
I'm not homesick. I just feel empty.
Something is missing.
This is very wrong.
Whatever it is, I do hope it fades away soon.

It's been awhile . . .


Saturday, July 11, 2009

short updates:

- didn't do much work today..hmmm pretty useless hahaha
- I feel *daisy* today ^_^
- Very the happy birthday to *Pete* sweetie
- Going for Lunch with the whole gang :P
- Plan for *Sake Bar* tonight
- Feel like baking something
- laptop hdd death X_x
-me eye got better but there's a little bump on it..wonder will it go away or not :-s
- Yet, I'm still feeling *daisy*
- Happy a good weekend, folks

Friday, July 10, 2009

Truth n.,
  1. Conformity to fact or actuality.
  2. A statement proven to be or accepted as true.
  3. Sincerity; integrity.
  4. Fidelity to an original or standard.
    1. Reality; actuality.
    2. Avoiding the truth is what killing me slowly in such a painful way.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

a day outside d office...

I'm on MC today. Discovered I had eye infection when my right eye's lid is heavier than another, itchy and pain when touched. Decided to go to the clinic and check up. Doctor said is conjunctivitis. He gave me two days MC with a bunch of eye drops, tablets and cream. Oh well, if tomorrow my eye is alright I will back to office.

Texted my boss said I need MC, no reply. Heh? No idea. I really need MC. It's an eye infection, the haze, the smoke, the all-day-long-computer-starring will just gonna get it worse, don't you think?

Oh did I mention that the doctor even google the word 'conjunctivitis' image to show me? Yeah, that's right, he has his computer switched on with google image home page. Started typing the word and explained to me as the photo was loading. Quite cool, I thought.

Sadly, I still work from home. Continuously phone calls and emails. Got to rest for about 20 minutes awhile ago and answered the call again. Yet, I am still starring at my computer and blogging this entry. Flickr'ing for Daisy photos and reading some research papers. Recently, I just so in love with daisy...

Well, it more or less the same as working day. But I could lie down on the bed and wearing colorfully...

Ahhhh colorful shirt with jean and sandle...
Lunch for more than 1 hour....
Comfy bed to lie down and working...
It's never been better....

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Gastric . . .


Physical and mental stress can also cause ulceration.
Causes of gastric mucosa inflammation:
a. Acidic foods
b. Alcohol
c. Smoking
d. Stress
e. Drugs


Constant Pain
Loss of appetite

some say:

Symptoms of early dumping include nausea, vomiting, bloating, diarrhea, and shortness of breath. "Late" dumping happens 1 to 3 hours after eating. Symptoms of late dumping include weakness, sweating, and dizziness. Many people have both types.


Hot Spicy foods
Excessive eating
Large meals before bed
Fatty food
Late nights


Err... avoid eating spicy food? no drinking!?? no Late night!!??? This is not fair at all!!!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I hate Monday. Anybody else? I really do. Troubles always come in the first day of the week. Last couple of weeks I've gotta find out that Mother was not well, I was so worried. She went to Vietnam for double checked up and got the proper treatment. Pray hard she is and will always be alright.

There must be something happen on Monday, 80% never good things. I am so ganged up with Garfield and form the Monday Hate Club!

Heh...what happen to the other 20%? Hmmm let's see... Ooo ooo Ooo I was promoted!! Bang!! That made me pleased with Monday for awhile. I am always looking forward to it. And it is finally here. It might not a big deal to some of us, but to me it is. Now I can proudly to tell my sister why I work so hard for. Ahhh I have to work on Sunday, oh well, what the heck even no promotion I also need to work anyway... This is just so great, isn't it?

My facebook, msn, yahoo and twitter were updated as "smile, because you're doing just fine." on Sunday, and now I just can't stop smiling...

I always believe in "Hard work, Pay off". It doesn't mean it comes in form of promotion or increment. There will be something in return to make you happy with whatever you are doing. And always have faith.
In my case, it is an exception. I have great colleagues who make me laugh all day long, crazy wonderful aunty who always eat and switch the topics in the meeting O.o||, funny kind boss and cool boss and promotion *tears-of-joy* hehe...

Monday, July 06, 2009


me: hello?
user: I want my password.
me: may I know who is on the line?
user: blah blah from blah blah blah
me: okay... blah blah balh

Excuse me!!?? Do I look like a psychic that know who the fuck are you through the phone?
For crying out loud... can you at least say hello or introduce yourself first? My god!!!
whathefuck lah.... I received more than 2 calls with this kind of conversation.... shit lah

Sunday, July 05, 2009

d first muffin

I've not been baking for months now... too busy, too lazy... and I wouldn't care to.
But I happen to browse through the recipe for poppy seed muffin from Lévis... and they look pretty interesting hehe

Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin

They taste pretty good I must say hehe and they go well with Ribena hehe...

Source: Four more flu A/H1N1 deaths reported in Asia-Pacific region

Cambodia has beefed up actions against A/H1N1 flu in preventing the flu from spreading through airports.

The measures include terminating all hospitalities with national and international travelers at the stairs of planes, and asking all travelers to pass through the monitoring system of the health ministry.

According to the report of the health ministry, Cambodia has recorded seven cases of A/H1N1 flu so far.

Pray hard that everything will be fine soon..

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Disclaim: while I'm updating this... my coding is running and updating... I'm just trying to be multi-tasking while waiting hehe okay la hor... XD

So last week I went out for some activities, went for marathon, eat eat and eat, drink drink and drink and movie!

After the marathon, we rushed back, get clean and come back out for our hunger fulfillment XD
Dennis nak makan nasi (baked nasi lagi)...while Jenn Ting nak makan good food (the definition of good food: vegeterian T___T). Ah well... so we went to Manhattan Fish Market... hahaha

Oh hey, we bumped into Nicholas and the sister. So we had lunch together gether loh...

note: I'm too lazy to label the photo... so... go figure~

After makan, I shopped for a while and got my cardigan from MNG *tearing eyes*...
Then we head for the movie, Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen. It was a great movie and lots of actions. Sadly, me and Dennis were catching some Z whatthefuck T____T because we were too tired loh...

Me wanna watch again, anybody care to go with me? Please pretty please.... *crying*

Aaaaanyway.... after the movie we went for drinks @ Laundry Bar, the curve. hehehe
This is the first time that we all (well most of us) went out for drinks without any occasion/events hehe Should do this more often :P

p.s. they both have McD symbol on top of the head haha

I present to you KilKenny, Irish Beer

Not bad you know, I kinda like it. Easier to drink for little girl like me hehe

An adv for KilKenny
(very obscene meh? O.o||)

Opps the adv fail, forgot to turn the logo out haha
And ooh, we have the new ambassador for Guiness Beer lol

Guinness Ambassador, Malaysia Limkokwing Branch hehe

haha I had fun, it was one of the good weekend. But this weekend, I'm gonna get back to my cave and study my *** off T____T
Hope you guy have great weekend ;)