Thursday, June 27, 2013

The fight

These couple of days were the downer.
It has come to my sense that I start to question myself: why and how this situation has arrived?

Overwhelming was not chosen by my dictionary, I am telling myself that I am lacking and in need of intense learning more and quick. But things just keep coming and the surrounding just keep growing while I am sitting in one place and concentrate to archive one thing at a time. I felt rather slow and upsetting.

Perhaps, I'm not ready for this. Perhaps, I am just not it. Perhaps, it's gonna take a great challenge to prove that I'm worthy.
I'm going to choose that it is a great challenge and I shall and worth fighting for. Let's pray that I will last the fight.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I am blessed and loved because thy loved

First thing first, this is a belated post. I drafted this last month and completely left it out.

This year is different.
I didn't arrange my own birthday dinners or parties to match with different groups of friends or choice of food and/or location. I just didn't. I just played by ears.
To my surprise, it was a remarkably, in particular, good day. 
Dinner after dinner, cake after cake, gift after gift, drink after drink all weekend.
And those weren't the best part; the best part is when you realized that you are remembered. You are remembered and cared and loved. Someone who cares enough to wish you, cares enough to catch up for a quick coffee or dinner. Cares enough remember what you prefer and like.
That is probably I could ask for, I am so blessed to wake to this great day and continue to be awesome as what God has planned for me.

I couldn't thank you all enough, but I know you know that I love you guys! 

A really early gift from my Krazy princess

A thoughtful gift from Stranger

My favorite (color) necklaces from Reuben and Prav

Another thoughtful gift from Reza and Cheryl

Another favorite gift from Clement and Fezzen

Favorite gift to match the cocktails gift from Ivan and Denise

The you-know-what-I-want-Bitch! gift from the Matabane (answer: it's the summer chair)

Cute gift from Kak Ju


Home baked favorite cake (Red Velvet) coats with favor color icing

More delicious cake

The gifts to myself was a sweet sense from Prada

And a pampered get away holiday at Langkawi

p.s. the girl in the picture was not me, I was the one who took the picture.