Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

[:-O] Time is really flying!! I can't believe it's already 2008. What have I been doing all this while? [=.="]. Sigh~ why am I still schooling? kanasei~ so cham~!! Must finish asap (not as *slow* la, it's as soon as possible).

Anyway, we celebrate new year's eve at KLCC. Wow, I can't believe it's so cramp there! It's my first time to celebrate new year in KL. We walk and walk and squeeze with tons of people under the rain but it worth waiting because of the fireworks!! (sorry la I don't have the photo with me now, will upload as soon as i can [:P])

Sophoan also came with us, after celebrating she suppose to go back by train with her house mates but they ditch her. How stupid is that! Can't they just wait her and go together? This is ridiculous when a bunch of guys left behind a so-called girl friend behind (such a *******). So we decided to send her back [it was 1.30am and we still stuck in the jam]. We got lost in Wangsa Maju because it was too dark and creepy lolz. After few rounds driving we manage to reach her place safe and sound. 4.55am we dropped by mamak for supper. I heard that Wangsa Maju is the fine and expensive place and also it has lots of interesting food.

That's all for the trauma New year celebration hehe. So what did we learn? Never go KL for big celebration!!

Happy New Year y'al!