Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This week is superb busy T_T
I tell you it's insanely hectic.
And I'm still burst out pretty fast for tight situation.
I know it ain't a good thing but I'm trying to minimize it.
I need to know how to remember to count to 10 before I solve the case else I will start killing people.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Kravanh Restaurant

Went to have dinner at Kravanh Restaurant in Phnom Penh. It was superb.
The food was fabulously delicious. The environment is cozy and awesome. And yes, it was incredibly pricey as well. Ah well, it's worth to try after all.

Mee Siang (Fried mee with salty bean)

Beef Salad

Mango Salad

Beef Satay

Amok (steam fish with coconut milk)


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chinese New Year - Feb 2010

Since I started to work in Malaysia, either I couldn't make it for Chinese New Year celebration or I will be there for working and holidays. A little bit different, this year I took leave to join my family CNY celebration.
Return home a day before the festive kicked in, met up with relatives and help mom to prepare the praying.
Our tradition, we pray on the day before the 1st day of CNY. In the morning, we all will get up really early to cook many dishes and prepared for the festive. There will be fruits, cakes, flowers, drinks, paper money, many dishes of home cook food and etc.

Some family pray in the afternoon some in the evening. The praying time is depend on the different type of God they believe in.

Just before the josticks are burnt out, the paper money will be burn and the belief is that you're not supposed to say hot while burning the papers and all the papers must be all burn out and not torn apart.
After everything is done, all the relatives will have lunch together just like Open house in Malaysia or other places that I might know of.

p.s. earlier post title was 'Chinese New Year: Feb 2010 - Day One', after gone through my photo I don't have enough significant photos to post for day three and four, therefore, here you got the new post title :D

a ride home

Woke up at 5.30 in the morning and got ready for a ride back home. There, the Sun had just rose up after I checked in around before 7 am.

The flight was at 9am by MAS

The beautiful flight attendances were giving demonstration on how to use the safety equipments on the flight.

I love the scenes from the above down, look significantly awesome and cute.

The Sun helped a lot on the lighting

The bubbly clouds

Notice the golden line? was the reflection of the Sun light over the sea, so beautiful.

Guess what I had for breakfast?

Roti kosong with Chicken Curry

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Today is Thursday, February 11, 2010. January is already over. Time flies. Too fast. And here I am sitting in front of computer in the office doing what I think I like to do and living what I think I own, life. Loading up my to do list of the year. Loading up my commitment list. And very very slowly cross them out one by one at a time ~____~

Alrighty, whining time is over. I'm off back home tomorrow, won't be able to access or anywhere near by the Internet till I return.
So...don't miss me so much, okie? (lame joke) hahaha

To all, Happy Holidays and Happy Chinese New Year~
May this year be the loving, prosperous and wonderful year ahead ^_^


If i beg and if i cry
Would it change the sky tonight
Will it give me sunlight
Should i wait for you to call
Is there any hope at all
Are you drifting by

When i think about it
I know that i was never held or even cared
The more i think about it
The less that i was able to share with you

I try to reach for you, i can almost feel you
You're nearly here
And then you disappear

[taken from Beyonce - Disappear]

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ampang Look Out Point

Last Saturday, my friends and I went to Ampang Look Out Point for the KL City view shots. Praying so hard for it not to rain. Yes, it wasn't. But it rain else where that cause KL City view super foggy and dull.

Few minutes after the rain stopped and the clear sky kicked in

Despite the dullness, the skyline still wonderful

Sun Set

Night shot of KL City

The excitement of the view was last about 10 minutes and that was it. Maybe because I don't have enough equipments to utilize the scene.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Taiping, Perak [Jan 2010]

Last months my colleagues and I went to Taiping to attend another colleague's wedding. The next day we went and explored the town. Not so hard to go around since Dennis's from Taiping itself *wings*

He brought us for good foods, darn good and cheap to be precise. He brought us around for shooting and sight seeing... Thanks to him we had a lot of nice photos and great weekend (of course wonderful companies)

The Clock Tower

Taiping Lake Garden

Not to mention that Taiping is a quiet town, and to me is peaceful. A lot of senior citizens hang around outdoor.
Following shots were from around the Lake Garden that we went and took a walk around

Oh...did I mention that the weather was pretty good especially to take portrait shots? Yes, it was.

Best model of the day, Pete

After went around the Lake Garden, we had a quick visit at the Taiping museum. It's more like a natural museum that you will find the animal tail stories than anything else.

The Longest Crocodile in Malaysia, 24 feet long

Will go again for some other interesting things. I really want to go to the hot spring (in Ipoh or Perak heh?). Will do research... who's in?