Saturday, August 18, 2012

Breaking habit

I'm back! Well for awhile. 
I've been rather than busy, I'm losing focus. Barely can keep track of what I'm supposed to be doing and what need to be done. My momentum has got weaken and I need to spend more time on what they call; living a life.

So how are you doing? Good? Been busy and productive? Living life to the max?
Okay, I'm catching back up my cooking habit. It's been months from my last serious cooking.

Here are what I need for the cooking (the sardin is for something else =D). I will also share a quick steps on how to cook the above dishes. Pardon my cooking style and it would be nice if you'd like to share different ideas.

Lotus root, peanuts and pork ribs soup
1 Lotus roots, washed and sliced horizontally about 2-3cm
De-shelled peanuts, if you use the shell peanuts, soak them in water about 5 to 10mn and de-shelled them.
300gram Pork ribs, washed and cut about two fingers sizeWashed 1 carrot and cut as cube sizeSmashed and keep the whole few cloves of garlicWashed and soaked dried squid and shrimps
Washed garlic chives and cut about 5cm length (for serving)

Bring water to boil; add smashed garlic, dried squid, dried shrimp and pork ribs. Cook about 5mn, add lotus roots, carrots and peanuts. Lower the heat to simmer, season to your taste and cook about 45mn or till the peanuts as soft as you want.

And you have got yourself a nice soup.

Steam minced pork with preserve salted fish and eggs

Depend on your taste, use between 100gram to 200gram of preserve salted fish

Minced 300gram of pork (mix with fat) and add the salted fish in, you may add a touch of sugar to keep the flavor balance.
Beat 2 eggs and add the minced mixture, mix till all blend.

Steam the mixture about 15mn. The reason you need pork mixed with fat because it will soften mixture during steaming.  
Serve with fresh vegetables like cabbages, cucumbers, long bean or wing beans (or other vegetable that can serve fresh). Your choice if you would like to have the vegetable steam or cook.

Sugar palm fruit dessert

For those who never seen or had this before, this is the sugar palm fruit/seed. Easy found in tropical countries and serve as dessert with just sugar syrup and coconut milk.



Peel the sugar palm fruit skin, wash and drain all the water excess.
Boil a cup of water and add 1/2 cup of sugar with a dust of salt
Lower the heat and add three teaspoons of coconut milk, keep boiling about 5mn.
Remove the syrup from the heat and serve it cold.

Pumpkin sago dessert

Washed and cut the pumpkin about two fingers size
Soak sago in water about 15mn


Bring water to boil, add 1 cup of sugar, a dust of salt. After sugar dissolve, add pumpkin and lower the heat and simmer about 15mn. Add sago and leave the heat on another 10mn. Add 1/2 cup of coconut milk and off the heat.

May I present to you a really easy and good meal (I will skip the stir fried vegetable for now).

Lotus root, peanuts and pork ribs soup
Steam minced pork with preserve salted fish and eggs


Pumpkin Sago dessert
Oh, I didn't stop there. Let's have some juice, ABC juice. Apple Beet root and Carrot. This is good for your liver and anti-toxic.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

My recollection of you is fading, and I do not want that.
It was a painful, after 4 years it still is.