Friday, February 29, 2008

Got drunk and wasted [O_o]

Today we had team outing @ Thai Club, KL. Wooohooo first time I went clubbing, is also the first time I got high and drunk lolz [but I didn't vomit :D].

Ummm I admit, I was drunk but not V.E.R.Y lolz. I knew I was drunk when I pulled Kelvin's cigarette and lighted it.

Not really regret though, at least it falls to my 40-things-I-should-do-before-I-die list [something that I have never done in my entire life before and most likely will not plan to do it again].

Oooo I almost forgot, before we hit the club we went for dinner @ Tai Ping Lang: ah ma's dishes restaurant. It's kinda cool with the traditional decoration. The food were also not bad...umm it was actually nice [make me feel like home lolz].

uh huh! it's the proof lolz

here we are....

gone wild~ [=.="]

Thursday, February 28, 2008

new shoes

I went shopping for Ah ma's birthday present and got something for myself too. Cute or not? I say it's cute le. I got size 37 and Janet got the 40 hehehe

p.s.: darn~ i wanna buy black shoes la... why did I buy the white one? [=.="]. anyway, it's cute though.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This is the third time that I watched Big Fish. Up top my head it is a fine film just like Spirited Away. I watch Spirited Away for several times and I feel in love with it again and again each time I re-watch.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Should I?

Imagine when you were walking outside of the world with strangers, a complete stranger. And you realize that there is something not right with the stranger's properties.
Would you tell them?
....I don't know! sometime I think it's non of my business but sometime I think it cost me nothing just to do that [plus, wouldn't it make them happy if what I told them is to save them?]

Sien~ I just don't know what to do when I am in this kind of situation? [=.="] Sometime I feel like the world is becoming so reluctant. People are just be more and more selfish [i mean self-center]. Sometime even after you [I] tell them you [I] wouldn't get a thank or even respect, instead, you [I] might get a glance from them [so...kanasei]

Monday, February 25, 2008


When I plan to get a free-ticket on Airasia, they told me they have plan to send me anytime soon. Then they got me cancel my plan. Now I plan to get whatever-price-ticket to go home, again, they tell me will send me to Botswana anytime soon.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday outing

Although we had a restless night [because of the coughing thingy], we still went out as planned. Before heading to Mid Valley, we had lunch some where in Cyberjaya. Diizan [they even have their own website, so geng] is the restaurant, locates opposite Cyberjaya Street Mall.

so cute hor...they have P for pepper and S for Salt [I wonder what they use for Sugar =.="]

I heard the owner is an artist [that will explain the painting and the paints all over the wall]. It was my first time and we quite in rush so I ordered something easy and fast, Pasta~ and Ben ordered Beef bacon set.

The beef bacon is a little bit hard [or you may say dried] but it was ok

Seafood Pasta [with some little sea creature a.k.a shrimp T_T]

Surprisingly, the bill with no tax or any services charges!! maybe I consider to go again next time kekeke.

After 4 hours of driving and walking, the brunch didn't stay there. So we looking for place to eat again [:@)]. Have you heard of The Garden, the new mall [or extended building from Mid Valley]? Yeah, we had the dinner in one of the stall/restaurant there [I don't know what they call because it is too small to be a restaurant and too big for a stall], Sushi-Zen. The place was promising, apparently, it was not, Darn~!!

We ordered Curry Beef rice and Niku Soba [beef noodle]...hmmmm don't know how to describe [how a bout disappointed?]. The only thing keep us up was the kanimayo E Maki. That was the best among all.

It was just normal crab meat sushi but it really is tasty hehehe.

We catch the movie at 7pm, the Jumper~!! The movie was a little bit less than expectation. It was a bit too simple and plan [I still don't know why Paladin is trying to kill the Jumpers] but the action and graphic was fine. Ranking 6-7/10 from me [:D]

Conclusion: How come everything were not up to my standard today?? hmmmmph!!

p.s.: I shouldn't go to the Garden for dinner [~_~]
p.s.s: I didn't manage to get the Oven [waiting for house mates] so My cupcakes ingredient have to stay in the kitchen a little longer [=.="]

All the best to Kevin and YT

Kevin and YT,

Tons of Best of Luck to both of You~!!

- Cheers && Peace -

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Recently feedback:

To Kong Ghee: Next time I will buy you coffee ya, so you don't have to spill the coffee on me...ever again~

To Janet: It was nice having dinner with you.

To Max: ACTIVE person doesn't mean they are OLDER-LOOKING, OKAY?? [pppptttssshhhh]

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I got new posters hehehe [:D]

My favorite band, [LP]

I find this poster cute and significant

There they go on the wall together... old one

My favorite vehicle series

and My favorite food poster [birthday gift, 2006]

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday @ Work...

It is the first time that I have to go to work on Sunday~ and believe me it's gonna be more to come. It was not a good starting anyway... I kinda sick. I vomited before I head off to office. After running around the office and having brunch with Mok and Max, plus two cups of Cham Ice (coffee + tea) I felt a bit better.

We finished our work around 6.30pm then *beep*beep*~ an sms received from our kind boss, James. "Guys, let's call it a day.....blah blah blah. Take next sat off in lieu".

What the heck is LIEU? *googling the word Lieu....* MUAHAHAHAHA it means "in replace of".
Hooorrraaayyyy next sat no need to come to office liao... well it's just half a day but it is better than NONE lolz.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lonely Saturday~

While busy running around for the faculties training....I was shock because my boss asking us to come to work tomorrow, Sunday!!! I suppose to have family dinner with Ben tomorrow [:(] *sob*sob*sad*sad*

Finish work at 4pm on Saturday with empty stomach, Ben bring me to Secrete Recipe for our Valentine's Dinner (ok la, it was a replacement because on Valentine's we both were busy).

The Valentine's package for Two

Two bottles of sparkling appleisure

The choice of Chicken Kebab with rice

and Prawn macaroni

included seafood spring roll

and of course my favorite dessert of Lemon cheese cake and non trans-fat peach cream cake

That was a fine it!
Ben drove to Kepong alone because I go to work tomorrow, cannot follow him [:(].

p.s. I got him a Watch for Valentine and as usual I got Thanks from Him.

Friday, February 15, 2008

the appointment

sir: ooo, com' in.
me: hi
sir: how's work?
me: *sigh* very busy
sir: *giggle* do you think you make a bad decision of going to work?
me: *sigh* yeah...
[...silence for few seconds]
me: so... where should we start? [while taking the laptop out and switch it on]
sir: ummmm what is the progress so far?
me: ummmm I'm writing the first chapter...

[blah blah blah...not really remember what we were talking]
sir: yeah, writing is important... actually it is necessary and it is good for you to keep your thought and shape up the ideas and to solve the problems...
me: X_x yes sir [because I'm suck in writing]
[...after 15mn of chitchat and the promises of hard working]
[opening the door with the mega smile(c)...saying good bye with a relief]

and that is the end of my appointment... now get back to work! must have discipline!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day~!!
It's the first sentence you would hear when you seeing someone today because it is Valentine's day. Every messenger status, blog's post, even mamak stall...there is a sentence HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

Apparently, I got no date. Yep you read correctly, I've got no date. My bf postpone the *valentine's dinner* to weekend since we both are busy....[sigh~ I can rush my work la... i just want a dinner with a reasonable excuse]. But it's ok because I went and tried Pan Mian nearby hakka village.

The environment is really promising, it was crowded and customer need to be waited for siting. Too bad I didn't take any photo because the pan mian really tasty *two thumbs* up! The noodle was nice, it was big and cheap!!! only RM 3.50 for each bow (if I'm not mistaken, not sure, because the price was counted with the drink :D)l!

Those who wanna know where is it let me know, we go together...[of course you have to buy me a meal la wuahahaha]

p.s.: happy valentine's day to y'all.


Monday, February 11, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai~!!

Gong xi fa cai, angpao na lai~!! wooohooo I have four days holiday kakaka

Too bad we didn't manage to go anywhere far, actually we had a plan to go Perhentian Island but it was canceled due to monsoon season [=.="] . So we were just hanged around nearby places.

Wednesday (first day): apparently, everyone was on leave! so I had to work like hell alone, afterward, had reunion dinner with Ben's family.

Thursday (second day): Me and Ben went shopping at Mid Valley, it was the best time to shop since there is no people to squeeze with lolz.

Friday (third day): Me and Ben went shopping at KL, it was also the best time since there is still no people kakakaka

Saturday (fourth day): follow Ben's parent up to Genting (for 2hours) then back to Wangsa Maju (my hometown friend, Tom, came here and stay there)

Sunday (fifth day): Me, Tom and Sophoan went shopping at KL...yet still not many people.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Where to buy Cupcake =P~ ??

Suddenly I feel like eating cup cake or is it after Max show me the blog of Little Jenny C.

I google about cupcake... Cupcake is simple but you cannot find it in everywhere. I found someone (his/her blog) whom really madly in love with cupcake, Couture Cupcakes. Hmmm may be I should give it a try after I got the oven hehehe

For now..keep googling where to *buy* cupcakes!!