Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Odd hour phone call

Mother called this very morning at 5.31am. I hesitated to pick up while my heart was racing and wondering what could it be at this odd hour.

She asked if I'm ok, she had a bad dream and she misses me very dearly.
My tears started to roll down on the cheeks with heavy heart and indescribable feeling.

It was a quick phone call, and she just wished to know if I'm safe and sound.

I was and I am very selfish, I left the two old folks at home and gone out for adventures.
How can I not think of them feeling? Of course I have, I just never thought it would be this hard. And it even more harder seeing them grow older without my sight.
The benefit of having them being physically comfort and emotionally comfort is the weight that cannot be traded.
Don't take this the wrong way, it was never be a burden. This has always been the great opportunity for me to fulfill and make them happy in any way.

Mother and Father, I am sorry for not being as close as possible.
I could but I was neglected the opportunities of doing so.
I cross my heart and promise to balance the weight, not because I have to, because I wanted to and because I love you.

Monday, April 09, 2012

At AcmeBar & Coffee

I was out and about on the Easter Sunday. It was a tiring day, but I generally enjoy being where I was. Thanks God for the opportunities, benefits, and every little things that I have gained till present.

The event of the day was to catch up with some friends, and chilling. Went to AcmeBar & Coffee, the place was absolutely amazing. I love the design, the interior, the environment, the meal and almost everything. 
Well, they said you paid for what you wish for, this is considered a medium or rather high class cafe where what you paid for the high tea in ABC can be used to purchase a pretty decent meal in an average restaurant.

They do have set Working Lunch (weekday) at RM 49++, a weekend brunch buffet at RM 99++, and a weekend brunch buffet at RM 199++ with free flow sparking wine.

Cozy sitting at the couch area

Bar area

Hot Macchiato

White Brownie with coconut and macadamia nuts

It is advisable to have a reservation

Sun - Thr 11a to 12m
Fri - Sat 11a to 1a

+603 2162 2288
It is definitely in the list of my favorite place, but economically advise, I shall not spend so much time there *okay-meme-face*