Wednesday, November 28, 2012

At Kame Sushi

Last Friday my friends and I went for a quick birthday celebration for the boss. We went to Kame Sushi at Desa Sri Hartamas.
The restaurant is rather small and cozy, with only a couple of rooms and the sushi bar the restaurant is impeccably private. The uniqueness is that they serve you no menu. What would happen is you will need to share with the chef what is your budget of the meal (per person), what you like and don't, and the chef will surprise you.

The sushi bar and the chef

Appetizer serves with vegetable and fish/seafood cake

Sashimi as the started dish

Grilled Mackerel with salt

Fish & Prawn cake

Steam egg with gravy


Chocolate wrap ice cream as dessert

The above dishes were budget at RM150 per person (exclude taxes). It was good, fresh and delicious. 
One thing though, while serving us the meal they will tell us how to have it. Like which sashimi to use with which sauce and it is very serious thing to do so (a friend of mind was stop mid chewing when they saw him dipped in the different sauce hahaha).

I believe those that appreciate the tradition of sushi food, the freshness of the seafood and raw fish would find this very pleasant and enjoyable.

Watch your wallet if you decide to drop by Kame *wings*