Sunday, July 25, 2010

a little wider

Say hello to my new gear...

Tamron 17 - 50mm f2.8 with VC

p.s. this photo shot with Nikon D3000 with Tokina 11 - 16mm (Ultra-wide!!)

With this lens we're talking about the quality and the time-saving that certain lens couldn't manage it. My kit lens is good and I still love it. But sometime the low light environment without speed-light, it's just killing me when I don't have fast lens like this.

Focus point


shoot closed up to 0.29m

Stable at low light environment

and a little wider at 17mm

I know that not in my shopping list, but.... I soon will cross out the items in my shopping list! hehe

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Putrajaya Floria 2010

Last Saturday my friends and I dropped by the FLoria 2010 event at Putrajaya. Well, there were many flowers...but many normal flowers heh.

There were not many interesting sight, the sky was really dull and hot weather. I ended up shooting something else, something surround me.

We returned as soon as the sun was set. Well, it was not very "flower" full day but I still enjoy going out taking photograph of the world to remind myself that I have a life to live just like everyone else.

p.s. the photos were shot with Nikon D3000 and kit lens and Nikon 50mm f1.8D. More photo on my facebook.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

gift gift~~

If you can recall two months back was my birthday. The earliest birthday gift I have received was a photo runner camera bag. Now I have little time to post up two more gifts that I received and I adore it so much.

Thank to Dennis, Kevin, Ryan, Kah wai, Pete, Ted and Joanne for...

Escada Desire Me
this has just sweeten me more, isn't it? okie la.. i mean the smell...

Thanks to Ah ma, Ah miaow, Reza, Ally, Arash, John, Bee eng, Katak, Amin, Clement, PJ, Melisa and Akanbo for...

If you notice some short fella with big head walking in LUCT...that would be me and my wireless headset XD~

Dear All,

Thank you very much for always be there for me, anytime, at all. It's been very blessed knowing you and have spend time with you. I couldn't thank God enough for bringing you to my life, part of it.

with Gazillions of Love,

Soph aka Kopiais

Saturday, July 10, 2010

finally i managed to visit wondermilk... And yes the cupcakes are good....hehe

Didn't bring my camera so...the photo taken with phone camera and post from phone too.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Random Assignment

I was helping friend to do some assignment....didn't do anything much, just little help here and there :P Here are some snap shots during the outdoor assignment...

Stay tune to find out what's the assignment about....

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

a confession of a failure

Struggling with no momentum had never been very helpful. I tried to stay in but yet I'm out of focus. Have I got no discipline and commitment? If you do not know the answer, I'm telling you it's a NO, else I would have been done it with pride.

Being the first to quit, bringing me a shame and guilt to live in. I always tell myself that "I don't quit, We don't quit" And here I am, writing a confession of the guiltiness that I have quit before I'm done my time. It's a very own failure experience I have done in times and life. I have not learn much about myself, living and times.

Apologies will never enough to redeem and exempt myself, I could only blame from what I have done for all these years. I let myself down, I did not follow my own goal and ideal. I the only one to blame.

I am sorry.