Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The pathway

Remembering how calm my parent were during the bad times we went through and never to let us know and feel disturb or scare. I wonder if I could be like them one day.
From actions, they tough us to be ourselves, to be brave, to embrace the little things that we were given and earn. To understand one whom is going through stages that might not fall in our radar.

Couple of times, I gave up. I gave away the path I was hesitate to choose. I was undecided till time decide them for me. And I'm regret, yes, I still am.
Questioning myself why I gave up certain opportunities before that were given to set up a new stage of life. Is there something that I'm waiting for? Is there anything else beside this?
I'm anxious to know and hope that there will be more.

For the one whom had asked me for opportunity and I gave you up, thank you and I'm sorry for gave you up.
To you, whom I still believe in, thank you for asking before. Now might not be the perfect path, but I'm glad we meet again.

I am learning to accept those decisions and results, it's not easy. For any of you whom find it hard to do so, I hear you. Let's move on and stay positive for a better path that we are moving to, for another opportunity that is always around us. Don't occupied yourself with things that you cannot change, accept and learn them. Keep searching, keep seeking, keep living.

With the recent travelings and events, I learned to love myself a little bit more. That I was given opportunity to explore life, to learn, to taste and most of all value and remember what happiness is.

Another small step of getting to know where I wanna be. A small step but a step.