Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March Babies

It was quite a big number of birthday babies this month. 4 of geniuses were born in March 20 - 30 years ago hehe

And we shall celebrate their present as we gather in the office and have some foods and play cakes.

A very happy birthday to

(from left to right) Marco, Fezzen, Pan Sin and Dennis

Ermmm....this is where the cake were completely utilized

The day after that we went out to The Apartment for Dennis's birthday dinner. There were several of us, we had nice food, nice drinks, nice talks, laugh and fun.

The only one wish he have asked for is.... non of us to buy any present for him. Actually, I've got him Choya with Royal Honey but since he wished so; I decided to keep in and not to disappoint him, I slowly finish it at home alone.... This is way too sad to describe.

Anyway, again, Happy Birthday to all the March babies. May this day bring you forward, bring you more joy, more laugh, more love and more happiness.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

Kiki by Foong Lye

The name itself remind me of the Japanese Anime from Studio Ghibli, Kiki Delivery Service, one of my favorites Anime from Studio Ghibli.

But this restaurant is a Taiwin cuisine, do not confuse that it's the same origin hehe.

I love the interior design though, it is not because it's in Pink (and no I do not like pink)... because it's fusion, cool and cozy.

The first thing we did were order the famous Sweet Potatoes balls hehe

Sweet Potatoes Balls

Sweet and Sour Chicken set

Stir fried bitter gourd and Seafood soup set

After all the good food, don't forget to get some Chinese tea to wash down all the oily food :)

The food were good and satisfied at reasonable price. I'm not sure if it's Halal (officially) but I saw the sign Pork Free though. So try it at your own risk. hehe

a quick stop for Sunday

My weekend somehow seems to move faster than anyone, the result of working on Saturday. By the time I realize I'm posting this entry on the Monday morning. *double-sigh*

A quick run through my Sunday meals:


Pancakes for brunch....due to the rolling around till midday ~>_<~


(grilled) avocado salad as the starter :)

fish cake and carrot soup as the main course

*feel-so-healthy* lalalalalala

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I dropped by Levain, KL, last weekend just to catch up with friends. It was supposed to be Lunch but I was late so it turned out to be high-tea instead... Okie, I'm sorry, alright? Next time we shall be there early and pick the day with clearer sky.

It was raining like nobody business, the sky was gloomy and wet. Oh geez, we were soak with rain.

Mango Short cake

Chicken Ham bun

I didn't get to try the main course because it was after lunch and way too early for dinner >_< So some cakes and bun will do. It was pretty good, actually despite the price was pretty high for cake and drink *booo*. You know what, I would like to go again, if only my good good friends will accompany me again XD

Please please pretty please.... @Ted & @Dennis

Friday, March 25, 2011

emotionally dry

I'm confused and pretty much upset mainly myself.

Yesterday I was discussing stuffs with my friends, let just say we were discussing a secret project. And I was proposing the dirty way of doing it, which will short cut the whole things because I'm pretty sure no one would want to follow the right way and no one would want to take the responsibility once the consequences appeal.

He paused and said: No, I'm a religious* person, I can't do that. I'm not gonna do that.
Something shock me just like a slap on the face.

I felt so heavy hearted. I felt so guilty and sinful. I'm an ethic. A pantheist perhaps, so yes I do believe in God. A free thinker whom believe in right and wrong. Good and Bad. Somehow, I missed myself. I was intended to commit the crime that I do not wish anyone I know should do it (It's not a crime crime, don't worry).

The other fact that is hurtful is I'm trying so hard not to turn to ones and yet I open my mouth without noticing what I've said and automatically to be ones whom commit sin. Commit things that against my principle. Against my belief.

I felt I've betrayed God, my self, my principles and my very own belief.
What do I do now? I'm trying to deal with my lost self, deal with my sinful thought that keep replay in my head. So, wish luck and keep me courage, would you?

* replacing the religion.

Monday, March 21, 2011

You were looking for me, heh?

After months of being idle in blog... I'm back. Well, no guarantee for how long though just that I still remember that I have a blog.
Speaking of being idle, blogging was not the only thing I was being idle. Baking and Photography were pretty much dusty and rusty.

So I'm trying to squeeze the time to get back on my feet with these stuffs. It's not easy but I'm working on it. So bare with me, alright?

Vanilla cupcake after months of no baking

this is actually supposed to be vanilla pie cupcake, but I didn't take any picture when the final look is done (were busy eating' em instead).

Hope there will be more to come soon :)