Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March Babies

It was quite a big number of birthday babies this month. 4 of geniuses were born in March 20 - 30 years ago hehe

And we shall celebrate their present as we gather in the office and have some foods and play cakes.

A very happy birthday to

(from left to right) Marco, Fezzen, Pan Sin and Dennis

Ermmm....this is where the cake were completely utilized

The day after that we went out to The Apartment for Dennis's birthday dinner. There were several of us, we had nice food, nice drinks, nice talks, laugh and fun.

The only one wish he have asked for is.... non of us to buy any present for him. Actually, I've got him Choya with Royal Honey but since he wished so; I decided to keep in and not to disappoint him, I slowly finish it at home alone.... This is way too sad to describe.

Anyway, again, Happy Birthday to all the March babies. May this day bring you forward, bring you more joy, more laugh, more love and more happiness.

1 comment:

Dennis Lee said...

Oh thanks for the gift... my heart received it... I have one choya in the fridge also for almost a year and still haven't finish... hahaha...