Monday, March 30, 2009

short update:

- Went to Taipan again to finish up the personal issues
- Drove around looking for Bak Kut Teh
- Ended up eating Korean BBQ @ Daorae for Lunch *oink-oink*
- Came back from Taipan with super duper happy face *business-is-settled*
- Goddamn sleepy now...ate too much -_____-"
- Trying to read some papers ended up writing this post T_____T
- Got few more entries to post...later lah :P

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Few days ago, one of my colleague talked to me about his friend needed a hand to translate the website in from English to Khmer language. I thought I could do it, make use of it and maybe can have some extra pocket money.

Today I received an email's from his friend. Guess what it is. Err it's not about the website, he was asking me if I have Cambodian MP3.
Hahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahaha and I'm still laughing.... Hahahhahahahahhah
The funny part is, he needs the MP3 for his maid....lolz

Alright now, I think I should reply his email attaching with some mp3 files O.o

Ooo I'm watching Marley & Me...quite a nice movie I would say. It's about the dog, Marley and the reporter, John is his name. John became a reporter as he wish to be and adopted Marley from the dog farm because he was trying to keep his wife, Jenny, distracted from wanting to have a baby. The couple live with up and down side stories of life. Story goes on, life goes on. It's just like how we live our lives. It's fast and real quick that things just happened like in a blink.

Update: I was about to publish this post, and there I received another email from that guy.

Hi Sophea, thanks so much for your quick reply.

She doesn’t mind, as long as they are Cambodian music.

Can you burn all to CD and pass to abc?

Thanks again.


Walaoeeeee like that also can arr... Okay now it's not funny anymore...GOooooood Looooorrrddd!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

The day we play hide & seek
The time I saw you on the leaf
To the moment I stop seeking.

- Jenn Ting

I'm so broken. One minute I close my eyes and you're gone. And now I'm lost all alone. I'll never found you again...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

short updates

- Went to Taipan to settle some personal issues yesterday.
- Dropped by Ampang Yong Tau Foo - Yes, the so-called First Yong Tau Foo in town - for lunch and it was really bad... me say NoNo...No more next time!
- Me body is parallel T____T because of playing badminton
- Me very sleepy now...having my morning poison drink really late....
- Driving class is really expensive, RM 1400+ [still thinking....T_____T]

p.s. morning poison drink is referred to Coffee!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


random stuffs before 8hours of fasting O.o....

My housemate with his lappy

an engineer's lappy -_____-"

Japanese Fruit Liquor


Ooo it's 10% alcohol... but it's dead sweet T_____T

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I was taking a break by watching American Idol season 8... Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis.... Ooooo my god... T_______T
I love Carrie soooooo much. She has an incredible voice and she's just so beautiful.

Carrie, would you marry me *big-wet-eyes* ? Please pretty....
[Well... of course you will have to pay for the wedding O.o]
Ooo wait... Do they allow Lesbian Marrage in the state?
hahahha okie, it's a joke... I'm not lesbian...I just love her as a fan love their favorite star... that's it! [shut up, ah miaow... I'm not Lesbian!]

Would you look at that....she's just so amazing... *hugging-laptop-with-carrie-background*

Saturday, March 21, 2009

So I left office around's just too tired and too stress for a Saturday, don't you think?
Then when I, Sheva and Liang reach the car park I then noticed... the Tyre is flat T___T
Oo my... what do we do now... change the Tyre la lolz

Liang and Shelva in action

Liang show off his muscle XD

So Shelva have to do something as well....taking photo!

Oo I did help... check out my hand...damn red... now got one line in the middle of my palm O.o
and one tiny blister T____T

Reach home, I almost wanna faint... not because of the Tyre changing...because of everything I guess...So I just grab everything I have in the fridge and try to come up with something new or something to keep me from hunger... nothing left T____T [*check- buy grocceries]

ehh wait, I have left the Tomyam with coconut seasoning over the steambaot...ah ha!




Ta da~~ taste not that bad...should have do it long time ago XD

Okay's for lazy people, can?

Friday, March 20, 2009

short updates:

Wrote an emo letter in my lil emo box...
I miss him but think it's about time...
Feel like crying for no particular reasons...
Tired with work and basically everything...
Not feeling well...

Again, still missing him...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Nothing...just babbling around...

Now......back to work T_______T

p.s. my office mail inbox has 5,555 emails!!! soooo cooooooool
p.s.s. seriously...back to work -___-"

Sunday, March 15, 2009

What an exhausted weekend! I went to PWTC - Matta Fair with Swee Ping - a colleague of mine - on Saturday after work and went to Batu Cave and KL on Sunday O.o

Matta Fair

It was another hot and heavy rain day T________T we were almost as wet as we walk without an umbrella even though we did. We reached PWTC around 5pm and it was still crowded T___T
So we walked along the crowded and check out our trip plan. But it's rather disappointed and troublesome because I might need a visa to the place that we planned!! Ggggrrrrrrr -___+"

*think-think or maybe we just change the location hehehe will see

We were lost in the fair T______T the stupid signboards were just too messy to follow!

After walk like hell, we sat in Kenny Roger for dinner. Oo wait, on the way out of the fair, I bought these cupcakes from Seri Pacific hotel.... I knew it!! they suck but I just like to give people a chance...which I shouldn't!!

pardon me, the box was too I kinda shaked the cupcakes in the box like cocktails O.o

they taste really bad...T____T

Okay, back to Kenny Roger food. Sigh~ another disappointment but hey, their muffins were not bad. I thought it would taste as bad as KennyRoger outlet at Jusco Equine park.

Banana Muffin

new menu item: What was the name again?

O.o excuse me for not remembering the name because the fish was just not good enough to be remembered T_____T [should have just stick with the roasted chick]
It is the new menu item, fish with balinese sauce or something like that. The fish was just rather simple and tasteless. I don't get it, the ikan baka that I ate at the bus stop [cyberjaya bus stop] is much more better [oo man you should have try it!]

p.s. this review is based on my own individual opinion.

Batu Cave

I finally got to go to Batu Cave *peace*. I have never been there, I just couldn't find any reason for being there hehe

The big statue and the stair going up to the temple

I didn't go up the temple, I went for my colleague's wedding @ the wedding hall. For the first time in my life, I have never seen so many Indian people in one place O.o Ooo well, they all are just look the same to me [you know the same dress, same hair style with the jasmine designs, same jewellry etc.] I can't differentiate any of them -_____-"

Far back in the hall

Nearer abit

This is what they serve for lunch, quite simple hehe [can really save alot haha]

KL - Jogoya

Hehe don't ask me why, I was just too into the Japanese buffet!! Plus the last time I went I didn't manage to take any photo so hehe this is the time baby!! PlusPlus I promised my tarling Zaai yuen to bring her there for her birthday treat...


Salmon and Raw fishes
So tender, so fresh, so delicious!!

my tarling Zaai Yuen [a.k.a Ah Ma], she likes her coconut very much ^___^

Guess what is that?

It's sharkfin soup *big-wet-tearing-eyes*

There are alot more food and beverage but I'm just too lazy to take everything
[No, ah ma, I won't go and snap the photo at the buffet area!]

There are wine too !! XD

Italian Pana Cotta
This tastes really awsome!! You should try it if next time you go there and they have them :P

Question: Ah ma, are you happy?
Answer: [see the picture]

I had a great wonderful delicious exhausted weekend, hope you do too ^___^

Saturday, March 14, 2009

March's babes

01st Zaai Yuen tarling and Allison
04th Baby piggy
07th Wai Seong
08th The best mom in the world, my mom
12th Ryan
13rd leng chai Dennis and leng lui Julie
14th King kong
29th Run

Friday, March 13, 2009

New House

Not me, silly XD

it's my roomies, triplets and leafie

triplets's new house, cute heh?


Ooo well, after sharpy died (due to the tight flying schedules of mine) I didn't manage to get new roomie. Till I moved to my new condo hehe


My roomies

p.s. Christine, FYI, they are not dying, okay??

simple dinner

Here is another simple dinner of mine...

Preparation: 10 mn
Cooking: 5 mn

All you need are:

- handful asparagus
- few prawns
- garlic clove
- handful spaghetti


Cut the asparagus in finger length


Take out the prawn shell and clean the shit (as shown in the picture)


Meanwhile, bring your spaghetti to cook


Heat the frying pan to hot and add a splash of olive oil (ooo well, any oil will do but I just like olive oil XD). Add chopped garlic and leave till brown color, add asparagus and prawns, add a pinch of salt to bring up the taste, finally, add the tomato sauce or tomato puree. Cook for a minute and remove from the heat. Serving while it's hot :P

Spaghetti with asparagus and prawn


Thursday, March 12, 2009

short updates:

- He help me install back my xp driver, so now i can use my 17" lappy *big-wet-tearing-eyes*
- Had a fun and crazy night @ neway for Dennis's early birthday celebration
- Off to bed very soon, tomorrow going to PDN wahahaha (no idea why I laugh)
- Good night world~~

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

three words....I...HATE...VISTA...T________T

Just to let you know what I've been up to....

The night before, enjoy the dinner with Parsin and Christine

Had steamboat @ home

&& some good stuffs XD

and tonight

stay up as late as I could (imagine I were young XD) with a cup of cappuccino

isk isk...the kopi luwak can really keep me awake for pretty long, can't it?

p.s. I took only two cups in the day

Monday, March 09, 2009

Dear my good neighbors,

Do you have any idea that I were to wake up after midnight because your car's alarm activated?
Do you have hearing problem? It alerts every night after midnight till darn!!!
I pray to God that you could not use your car the next day because it keep alerting for hours and hours non-stop.
Two of my housemates already plan to break your car's windows because it's freaking annoying.
So go and check your car NOW, idiot!!

p.s. whoever park the car @ block B3-Cyberia, please buy the hearing-aids just in case THAT IS YOUR FUCKING CAR!!!



Saturday, March 07, 2009

Remember how my cactus was killed?? T______T now my food supplies....whatthefuck

He or she or they was/were having a party in there!!!

Party's supplies

a mess after the party

I'm going to ******* kill him/her if I saw one!!!

Friday, March 06, 2009

*tearing-eyes* a pack from Indonesia was waiting for me @ office few days ago...

Hello sweety~~

Say hello to Raja Luwak

If any of you would recall one of my msn status about the most expensive coffee then yes this is the one...
Raja Luwak one of the brand of Kopi Luwak in Indonesia.
100 gram costs around RM 20. There goes my hundred bucks T_____T

Actually, few days ago I came across this show call Coffee Confidential host by Moses Chan from Hong Kong TVB shows [find out more @ Just TVB Artist]

I'm so obsessed with Coffee.....I just Love it~~ *hug-hug*

Roasted Coffee Bean

Instant Coffee powder

Two type of the beauty

The smell is different from normal coffee that you ever smell, taste quiet a different as well. Remind me of the coffee @ Phnom Penh, taste and smell about similiar...
Hmmm I wonder if that was kopi luwak~~ God no!!! I've been drinking for over a century T___T
There is something than a coffee in the taste... Moses, do you think so?

I shall study more about coffee...ah ha!!

wait~~ what is this?? Ooo it's the bonus!!!

Raw Kopi Luwak

My jr is the champion~!! he helped me buy the kopi luwak...and got me free stuff O.o

Anyone can guess how does it form this way?? [Dennis, shut up!!]

Winner Prize: You can get the bonus!!!