Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Me @ MMU now...trying to figure out how does my life gonna be like with the tight deadline project, messy office mgm and biz trip over the year...

I have no clue what am I doing with my life now. Seriously it's a no.
I feel like I'm just doing the routine things of life (just like how my blog sounds).
I just do what I can do in office and come back struggling writing the bloody thesis which is stuck in the middle of no where because I spent too much time in office and work my a$$ off.
And I keep bothering myself helping others here and there doing nonsense stuffs.

Why? why would one wanna do such a thing?

siendiao... i wanna poke my nose with two pencils already leh (please don't attempt to do this, it is gonna be very painful!)

And to my colleagues, No, I'm on EL not because I'm not feeling well.
I'm fine today (well at not till the result come out. I tell you ar I'm very dramatic one, if they don't say I'm sick, I will feel absolutely perfect!!)

I have to figure out what it is gonna be this time!!
Okay, ciao now.... see you tomorrow...


Dennis said...

I thought you got your result already.

Then straight away go home and pack to travel every where to look for sunset at different corners of the world until the end of the day.

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

No leh..that time they re-take my blood sample and CHECK AGAIN... and the result will be ready by 12 of march.... What i told you is what they explained to me loh...

u sound like:
while (disease = negative){
traveling = true;
if results = positive then
disease = positive;
life = 0;
disease = negative;