Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pasta Zanmai

is the new Japanese (moderate) dinning that I have added in my favorite restaurant list. I love Sushi Zanmai, and now I love Pasta Zanmai even more.
It took me only one time to love the place, and there after the second and the third time and so on to go back there...

Salmon Salad

Crab meat rolls

Macaroni Cheese Baked Crab

Soft Shell Crab

Ugani rice set

Squid Pasta

Unagi Pasta

Oh and you know what, I went there during the CNY time they the CNY Set for 3 ~ 4 pax at the cost of RM99. Okie, RM99 is the reasonable price for a set of Salmon Yee Sang, Pizza, Pasta, grilled Lamb and dessert.

this no any normal Salmon Yee Sang, this is heavenly Salmon Yee Sang. Super Good!

this is mouthful fresh Scallop Pizza

Avocado Pasta (not much comment, ain't quite my type)

Sweet Lord! this is a super tender and tasty grilled Lamb

Fruit Tart

Rating overall is above average or very good to me. Oh my~~ my tummy is rumbling~~ I'm craving for squid pasta now... XD

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What I've missed...

Okie, I've missed blogging about Ah Ma's and Dennis's Birthday (on time). I don't know what were I busy with for the whole month. I don't feel my life. I just don't have time and I am tired (of almost everything)


Okie, quit whining for a bit. Let's start with Ah Ma's birthday.
The conclusion of the day was: we ate from 10am till 12am. *oink-oink*

10am - 11am: Breakfast @ Paparich

1.30 - 4pm: Lunch @ Pasta Zanmai

It was a good time, good old time. Catch up with old friends...

Friend who are just way too busy at work and forget about life and us!

Sau Peng aka Winnie

Kelvin aka Akanbo

Bee Eng aka Ju

Friend who is very hard to catch up with... too many activities lining up for them!

Katak, Ee Chia and Ah Ma

And also get to know new friend, heh

(pardon him, he just had the squid pasta XD)

7pm - 9pm: Dinner @ Ho Shiang Restaurant

Cancel to go to the temple we ended up went to our favorite Sarawak Laksa around Puchong Area instead. So much of eating to replace praying on birthday heh.

12am: 12.30am: Supper @ Ah Ma's house, Yee Sang

Okie, we closed the event by eating somemore...O.o|| Yee Sang, we did.

For CNY and for Ah Ma's Birthday!

May All, especially Ah Ma, have a blessed day, everyday.

Alrighty, how about Dennis's one? Shall we?

In the afternoon, we went and watch Stephen Rahman's Concert. It was brilliant. And for your information, we are so gonna go to the West Side Story in May. Check out more infor at Dennis.

Hard Rock cafe, we went. To celebrate Dennis's 27th Birhtday.

We ate...

We drank...

We had fun...

(or maybe only these two...)

May you have a blessed year ahead, starting from today ^^

On a different note, it was my first time went to Hard Rock Cafe and I love it. The service is good, food is awesome, place is chilling. Just what we need to enjoy and have fun heh.
Shall return for more fun time.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stephen Rahman Hughes

My friends and I went for his concert on last Sunday at KLCC. His vocal was really awesome. From the very far seat I sat, I only can see his purple glitter shinny shoes and his big wide smile.
But when I saw him walk to the autograph table, oh dear, I swear to God I would kidnap him (don't get me wrong, I'm not some sort of kidnapper...this is just some woman's fantasy T_T) and keep him in my pocket to everywhere I go. *blushing*

A mix of English/Walsh and Malaysian he is, the accent, the attitude and would you look how handsome he is? It's just wow me very much, he's got the packet I'm telling ya XD

autograph session

many were lining up to get the autograph from him
(Dennis was the second in line, I was the....1, 2, 3...7th in line =D)

Okie, first time in my life I finally had a celebrity's fantasy dream haha ah well...*day-dreaming*

From left to right: myself, Dennis, Sin Ling and Zi Yi