Wednesday, January 13, 2010

make plans. change plans.

Oh good God, I've just got a little bit to breath, my last week plans were ruined and out of control, I'm telling you >_<|| Okie, it might not totally ruined but I was almost gone crazy hehe. So here's the plan: I was supposed to submit a conference paper by last Friday, went for a movie on Saturday after work and went to Bukit Tinggi on Sunday. It was planned, nice and clean.

Who know I have to stay back and work on Thursday night till passed midnight and continue the next day early morning. Thus, I didn't have enough time to finish my paper on Friday so I still have to continue writing on Saturday and went for the movie with the stressful mindset. Sunday dawn, I left for Bukit Tinggi (coming to that in the next post) with concerns whether or not I could make it in time by the night. Obviously not, oh well. So I have to stay up and get up early to finish what I've started.
I am restless, stressful and so much to think about. For the love of God, can we change this culture? *knocking-head-on-the-wall*

Here's some pictures on Saturday:

Miaow @ Pasta Zanmai

Squid Spaghetti

Something Unagi

Tempura Spaghetti

Some rice with Unagi

I seriously can't recall all the name T___T|| I'm getting old... darn~
Esprit has the special discount for member, 10% + 15%. So I just dropped by and take a look, God knows what I've done. I got myself a watch @ RM489 (before discount) T____T||
I was tempted to get Oris's watch but the price is just too over my budget, imagine that price times 3? So, what the hell, I just got this one instead XD

p.s. I supposed to post this yesterday but no connection, and now got connection and I've received the feedback on my paper and I have to revise by today >_<


childs said...

Haha, plan & goes wrong. That makes all of us :P

What movie u caught??? I never been to Pasta Zanmai. U guys purposely went after I am gone... isk >_<

RYAN|TOMMO said...

the squid pasta that made eater's mouth become dark colour....