Friday, January 01, 2010

Time had just flew right off me O_o|| My Goodness, I was looking at my notebook and set the target for 2009 and after a blink I actually have to throw away my 2009 calendar already? Many things happen, many things changed and I rush myself to follow up things because else I will lost tracks over time heh.

Let see what I have done and got for myself all through the year...

1. Managed to bake quite a lot of stuffs which I really have so much more to learn XD
Cake of the year: Strawberry Cheesecake

2. Participated KL and Singapore Marathon

3. Attended several Orchestra and a stage play (I know it's nothing much, but it means something to me :P)

4. Went for facial treatment for the first time in my life!

5. Went to KL Tower for the first time

6. Went for Skytrex adventure for the first time (I just realized I never post about skytrex O_o|| FML)

7. Own a new laptop

8. Own a new phone

9. Own a DSLR

10. Own an Ipod

11. Own new furniture set

12. The most stunning achievement of the year: Got two promotions

13. The most pleasant achievement of the year: Traveling six times, been home three times

Not without family and friends, I wouldn't have this day. I thank you all for your supports by anyway or however you have given me directly or indirectly. I am really appreciate the time and the loves and cares. I sincerely cherish what I have with you all.

2010 resolution? naaa I'm not a resolution person... I rather set some targets heh... What say you? Join me?

By the way, Happy 2010 Everyone~ May you have a wonderful one *smiles*

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Swee Ping said...

hence i said i also not the resolution type of person...