Sunday, September 06, 2009

Girly Girly Stuffs

Last Saturday, I went for the facial treatment for the very first time. Hmm it still does sound a bit girly heh. Oh well, gotta try once at least to know what exactly it feels like hahaha

I went to Herbaline in Kajang area because my colleague, Swee Ping, knows that place... I supposed.

First thing first, we ate @ Pizzahut.


That's right, they served us with the chipped plat.

Cheesy Chicken Meatball, not bad.

Now, we headed to the saloon. After the girls explained to us what we need to do and stuffs we have gotta wash our feet first with salt water. O.o|| hahaha

Then we headed to the room to change cloth to sarong and lie down on the bed for the beauty treatment hahaha

Introduce: Swee Ping

We chose to do the cleanser double masks treatment which they will massage the face with moisturizers and put on masks for two times.
But... before the first mask, they have gotta press out the blackhead and whitehead... T___T" oh my... it's painful!
Heh surprisingly after all the torturing...our faces ain't red at all. They're really pro heh

A tiny tea break after the treatment before heading to the fish spa

Hello fishies

Get ready before polluting the fish tank ahahahah

Read the rules before you start!!

There we go...XD

oppss cannot see the legs...



I came back with some toner and gel to keep me girly for a while ahahahha

The treatment costs RM 114. The toner and gel... I sort of don't remember the price. :P

Hmmm maybe should put this to regular schedule. Oh well, we ain't getting any younger. lolz
When's the next time then?

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