Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wanton Mee @ Kun Kee

I don't really like Wanton mee usually. It has some particular taste and smell, not sure how to describe, but yep, that's normal wanton mee would taste.
But yesterday, my colleague brought me to this place that famous for wanton mee around Uptown Damansara area.

It's the kopitiam, not many stalls in fact. The wanton mee stall, chicken rice and couple more stalls. That was all.

'Seems like everyone is eating wanton mee.'
, I slipped out. 'Yeah, this place is famous for wanton me', my colleague replied.

Siew yoke from the chicken rice stall *slurp*

Char siew wanton mee

Okie, I admitted it. This one, the noodle tasted really good. There is no particular smell or taste like I've eaten else where. It was good! Give it a try! *winks*

This is my colleague, siao Siew Poh

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