Friday, September 18, 2009

new place for more food

Recently I went around the new corner of the domain building, there are quite a lot of mamak and restaurants newly opened. Hmmm need some time to try them all haha

One of them is Lifes Cafe. The concept was similar to Wings Cafe. Not bad environment and decoration, but a bit quiet; probably it's still new.

Maryland Chicken

Chicken Chop

The food were not bad at all. I like the chicken chop sauce, tasty. :P
If you look at the menu, the prices are a bit higher than regular western food. But hey~ there's no tax or service charges in the bill. The price already includes the taxes and all. Ah well, they know how to make us happy when we're paying. Should give it a try.

Next stop: the next door buffet steamboat..... hahaha oh my~ Cyberjaya is getting better, don't you think? lol

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