Sunday, May 30, 2010

look what happen to my poor cactus :(

stupid mushroom fungi >_<
Anyone had seen this before?
How do you get rid of them?
I had it cleaned up and changed the soil and all... You should have seen the soil. It went dry and had the white stain of fungi around inside the port. What actually cause this? All the plants I left at the balcony with more than enough sun light, oxygen and water.
Seriously hope it will be gone and won't disturb my plants.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Here are few of my coffee place to hang out... I might be heading to KL later today, probably popping by one of these places for some nice ice coffee. Feel free to join me ya *smile*

Cafe Latte @ espressamente illy

Roasted beef with blue cheese manzo @ espressamente illy

Tiramisu @ Segafredo

Ice mezzo mezzo @ Segafredo

I'm doing my parts, are you?

Do you regularly complain about your life? Your job? Your school? Not enough time to play? Not enough gadgets to play? Not up-to-date to the today fashion?

You shouldn't.

Reports as at 2009, 2.5 billion people still lack access to improved sanitation facilities. 1 billion children are deprived of one or more services essential to survival and development. 101 million children are not attending or not able to attend primary schools. 150 million children 5–14 years old are engaged in child labour. And many more to come.

We should be grateful for what we have and what we are given. Should be more careful, appreciate and thankful for today that we are still breathing with proper clothing, vehicle to drive, job to keep us survive, family to share joy and tears with.
Because some people, at the same or different time zone, have nothing to be thankful for beside a slow death breath that one night they would wish not to be awake in the next morning.

Speaking of which, about two months ago I had become A friend of Unicef by pledging monthly donation to Unicef based in Malaysia to help children education and living and etc.
I always want to be part of charity or any supports to any organizations to help out the weak and the poor regardless any nations.

Without hesitation when the volunteer of Unicef approached if I have five minutes for him to explain how this work, I sat down and ready to be part of the committee.

And yesterday, I have done the same for WWF and yes I pledge monthly donation to WWF Malaysia to help out and no I do not have too much money and did not know what to do with it. This is what I think the least I could do to help.

Understanding that being part of the committee it would be wonderful if I could be there and spending time as well as help out the campaigns but selfish me have no time for this. So I do what I can. I donate what I can. I help what I can.
Even though I have no time to actually volunteer and give my sincere support by going through what the others have been through but this what I could do for the moment.

I hope you, my wonderful friends, will join me in whatever way you could to help out the poor and others that facing difficult life and living (please log in to Unicef and/or WWF for details on how you could do to help).

You can also do your part at your own home (the other least you could do).
Appreciate your life, every little things you have and surround you.
Off the light, computers and other electronics if you don't need it.
Off the water if you don't use it (no, you will only need the water after you're done brush your teeth).
Use toilet/facial tissue papers wisely (don't laugh~ because I know some of you actually pull as much as you can for toilet or facial tissue papers to wipe every little things).
Off your vehicle's engine if you don't drive.
Well, if I have miss out anything.. please feel free to update me *smiles*

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Someone read my mind, before I could wait for the weekend and shop for the things I want I already received an early birthday gift.

a lowerpro shoulder/waist camera bag

Hey you,

I didn't say enough how much I love it, but you know I'm bad at words. I thought I could think of something great to say in the post... but nothing could describe. I love the gift, thank you.
Thank you for such a sweetheart and picked the bag. Thank you for such a sweetheart and being there for me in joy and tears moments.

Love you,

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I know I could say we're through
And tell myself I'm over you
But even if I made a vow
A promise not to miss you now
And try to hide the truth inside
I'd fail cause I, I just can't live a lie

p.s. taken from Carrie Underwood - I can't live a lie

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Picture perfect memories scattered all around the floor
Reachin' for the phone 'cause I can't fight it anymore
And I wonder if I ever cross your mind
For me it happens all the time

It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now
Said I wouldn't call but I lost all control and I need you now
And I don't know how I can do without
I just need you now...

p.s. taken from Lady Antebellum - Need you now

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Borneo Kek Lapis

Some of you may know that Sarawak is famous of Kek Lapis (layers cake). Kek Lapis is quite special in a way. There are many flavor of kek lapis, some are plain vanilla, chocolate, watermelon, cheese and many more. Some even has the mix flavors and that what make kek lapis special.

My friend and family brought me to Kampong Gersik in Kuching to get some kek lapis back to KL. I thought it was just some stalls sell the kek lapis but it's way out of my expectation.

Kek Lapis house

Inside the small tiny road, there is this house that sell all type of kek lapis. Not just that, they do have samples for you to taste before you buy.

Oh did I mention A lot of samples? Lots of them... all flavors, fresh bake from the oven...

The little girl wait for the fresh baked samples :P

And they do sell other assorted snacks and local food as well.

Now choose which one you wanna buy!

Out of the house, there are many stalls along the road there sell kek lapis as well. Many of them...

I can't wait to go back there and get a real holidays XD

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Borneo, The Heavenly Delicious

Okie, before I say anything I shall declare for a bit about the title. The term Heavenly is from my personal point of view and...and...and it does not mean that only Borneo food are heavenly delicious.

Last month I was on a business trip to Kuching, Sarawak. I never say no to go Kuching, in fact I never say no to travel heh. It's such a great place to relax and enjoy. I love the food. I love the people.

This post is more for the food and there will be another post for the Borneo Discovery ya.

May I introduce to you John's Place.

It famous for the Char Keow Tiow Kerang (Friend flat noodle with cockles) with sambal.
I have got to say that it is really delicious, not as oily as other place. Love it!

Char Keow Tiow Kerang

Fried Sambal Sotong, *tasty* and now I'm *drooling*

Fried Ayam, yum yum

And I must not forget to mention about the beer. Oh good God, where else can you find 3 cans of beer for only RM10? Of course you can get it a lot cheaper in Langkawi but I'm talking about Kuching here. It's super cheap!


Next, Steamboat! There was the whole road full of steamboat buffet house for you to choose in the city of Kuching at the very reasonable price. The steamboat buffet of course come with fresh seafood, fresh red meat, marinated meat, assorted meat and many other meat and vegetable. I had steamboat buffet at Shaung Tian Steamboat if you ask.

I had lots of prawns....O.o||

Did I mention that they have lot of weird drinks? Yes they do. Scroll down and you'll see, but I've got to say, it's really tasteful and fresh.

Ngo Mi Teng

White Lady

Kedondong Juice (Spondias dulcis Juice)

Char Kui

Lok Lok

Chicken Grilled Salad

Fried rice cake with minced chicken

Fried pork with Guinness beer sauce

Seafood Soup

Sweet and Sour Fish

Claypot Tau Fu

errmmm... okie I have no idea what's the dish call

Fried local vegetable, Mydin

Fish head noodle

Have you ever drink sugarcane with coconut? Neither have I. And I didn't order too, it just too weird hehe

I had Special, that's the name of it.

Kong Pia

Kong Pia is one of the famous type of biscuit in Kuching city. Some of the local would refer to Chinese Burger. The original filing is fried minced pork and there are many more type of filing such as: ham, cheese, red bean etc.
It's one delicious Chinese burger I would say.

Oh my~~ just describe all the food... I already miss the food! I would have to go again... for real holiday XD