Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Carlos Zubir's Mexican Cantina

Okie, I would love to introduce the place and the foods that I've tried. Sadly, I don't remember what I had T____T||
So let the photo do the talking :D

We shared the above for 3 persons and apparently we can't even finished it. I guess Mexican people are big eater? or is it we are small Asian and eat less? hahaha okie it's a lame joke.

I would suggest if you're not a big eater but want to try new flavor of the food, you may order few dishes and share among friends. The portion quite big and worth to try *smiles*

Oh by the way, I can't seem to find it else where beside at KL Pavilion heh.

Monday, December 28, 2009


Last two weeks, Kah wai, Dennis and I went and to watch the stage play; The Swimming Instructor. For the first time I have watched the stage play, it was unexpected and quite a nice plays I've ever seen.

But I couldn't go to watch somehow the shopping for Christmas much more important lol
Below are some shots taken at Sentul KLPac. The sky pretty gloomy and the place looks quite abandon park, quiet and forestry heh.

Little Vietnam

has been around for awhile now, and I just got the chance to try it out. While we were out shopping for Christmas. The dinner was at one of the branches in Mid Valley.

Prawn tempura

Spring roll

Local (Vietnamese) famous noodle soup, Beef Pho

Tomatoes noodle soup

Grilled chicken with plain pho

Cold vermicelli noodle with Deep fried spring roll

Crispy pancake with ice cream

I have gotta say, the food was good. Not very pricey and filling. Overall the bill cost us around RM90 only heh. I like fresh vegetable. I like spring roll. I like beef meatball. I like Little Vietnam :P

A passed by stranger

A related topic to discuss.
A pleasant conversation.
A relation is made.
A good friend.
A first person to share the joy and tears.
A next step had taken.
A concern to settle.
A decision to make.
A little time to get over with.
A piece of thy heart is missed.
A lifeless spirit.
A little longer time to deal with.
A good bye.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sometime, to see other happy is just quite a comfort to yourself. You smile when you see other smile at you, with you or for you. There are so many reasons why one could do everything for another. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Example of a friend who would follow another for Japanese food even though he does not prefer raw food. That is because sometime giving in is just so much easier to fight against and win.
But it doesn't mean you will have to give in all the time. Your friend would have remember you do not prefer raw food if he would like to a greater time with you. It's the matter how to balance up your relationship.

Remember this? "Everybody is selfish. It's just the matter of with who and when". I hate being selfish. I hate other being selfish. But I've overlooked the reality that whatever you're doing even though it's for the better good and for other, you will still have the small loop to return back to your own self and that is selfish. Everybody is selfish. I am selfish.
And selfishness gets overwhelming when you let the self-pride and ignorance taking control of everything. When you must get what you think you do want.

I've been trying too hard to make other happy and I've forgotten that I'm not. Now I sound selfish because I want me to be just as happy as others. Heh, this is getting more complicated.

How to balance this? I'm lost.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

a cookie a day

I am targeting one type of cookie a day til Christmas heh. Who wanna be my kitchen-rat? hehehe

short bread

Chocolate Chookie with Almond

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Couple of months ago, if I'm not mistaken, I received a little souvenir from a friend who went and visited oversea and care enough to remember to bring back some souvenir. Thanks Sean for the pancake flour *smiles*
For the record, I love pancake. I tried the pancake self-rise flour, but it does not taste as good as the store outside.

Four years ago, I first had and turned to be the best pancakes I've ever had. And I still remember it, even today. Thank you, Ben, for everything you did for me.

Anyway, today I made pancake again and it tastes just nice, better than what I expected.

You know what goes well with pancake? Syrup! It sounds just right and sweeten everything, doesn't it?

Maple Syrup

Voila~~ pancake with maple syrup to go please...

While I was making I kept remembering how the store outside serve pancake. Some serve with butter and syrup...and serve as a main course.

Hehe can't help but to try it out. It ain't bad either. I am so gonna have pancake for breakfast again for this Sunday *smiles*

Pancake with eggs and sausages

Friday, December 18, 2009

Santa Claus is coming to town..

Here is the thing, I didn't get any Christmas tree this year. I just didn't have the time to go out and shop all those stuffs, and yet I'm feeling so overwhelming about holidays.

Okie and it's time to clear out the junks in the room before the holiday hits. And guess what I have...

Creative Inspire 5200 Speakers

Here's the story: when I just moved in my new unit, the a*****le old tenant left the big giant pile of dumps in the room right after they left, bitches! Crazy, right? I spent whole night to clean the shit out the room. And guess what, the lazy basket didn't even bother to bring the speaker and the mouse with him as well. Oh, didn't I mentioned about the wireless mouse?
XD Now after clean up the junks, I have 5.1 speakers booster and the wireless mouse, function right just fine.

two on my closet

my study desk

the 5th speaker is behind the dell lappy.

Microsoft Wireless Mouse 1007

They might just the junks, but who cares. I am so gonna blast my house now since I'm the only one around from today till next year.

I am gone made with gadgets. Few days ago I bought the standard prime lens, now I have 5.1 speaker booster and a wireless mouse.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It happened so fast. I couldn't even remember the whole thing.
I couldn't resist but to have it on my own.
Now I found myself hold on to it so madly.


Nikon Standard Prime Lens, AF 50mm 1:1.8D

Kui Lapis, shot by Nikon D3000 with prime lens

Snowman cupcake

me likey ^_^

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Best trip of the year

As I mentioned in my previous post, Dennis and Ted and I went for marathon in Singapore recently; the journey didn't end there. We enjoyed ourselves and treated it as a short break and photography trip.

So much shooting, so much things to take in such short period, so much fun, and spent quite some amount too hahaha darn you, exchange rate... lolz

The trip actually started from Cyberjaya to Johor Bahru to Singapore and return back for 4 nights and 4 days.
Big Thanks to Ted that drove us all the way go and back without complaining *smiles*
Big Thanks to Dennis for asking me to join the marathon trip *smiles*

Since there are so many photo I have shot so I'm not gonna post many here, you can check it out at my facebook album *wings*
However, I'd like to highlight few things that cherished me while I was tired and double up my joy ^_^

Best Japanese fast food ever

A must try fast food, Mos Burger

Best companions

Cute packaging

Tasty lemon mussels

First attempted model

Second attempted model

"So many Starbucks," said Dennis

Starbucks king

Welcome to Startbucks and you may not smoke, thank you

"So many hot chicks," said Ted [I couldn't take any, maybe he did]

"Soph, it's your turn," said Dennis


"So many..."

"So many..."

"Ohh.... So many Christmas Trees," said me

now you know what I'm talking about heh

Singapore, one of the places worth spending time and money hahaha [my opinion, of course]