Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Cookies

I love this time round of year, the cheerful sound. The beautiful decorations. The joy of the neighbor and surrounding that looking forward to holiday especiallly Christmas day itself.

Last year, I baked some cookies. Well, wasn't turn out very well. They were pretty hard, or real hard. We had to keep the jar cap loosen to make the cookies softer. Ah well, learn my lessons.

Well, I'm not sure how is it this time.

There's only one way to find out.... :) Come and try it by yourself~

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Over the rainbow

Hong Kong 2010, Day 1 - Tsuen Wan

Let me continue from where I left behind 3 months back... T_______T I am truly deeply sorry.

It took us roughly 4hours plus from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong by flight. I still remember I was not very excited till I touched down the airport.

Our hotel is around Kowloon area, Tsuen Wan, located at 30mn drive from the airport. It's considered a four stars hotel, a very decent look and pretty good services.

Without wasting any time, we started to dug for food food and food. First meal, our dinner, at the local store in front of the hotel.

After dinner we continued walk around Tsuen Wan area. First stop at one of the night market that serve a lot of food and the famous Hui Lau Shan. Basically, almost every hot spot you will find the store there. Hui Lau Shan serve the famous dessert that mostly made with mango.

This is one of the "a must" try desserts/meals in Hong Kong

After the tummy was filled deliciously, we continued walk around the area from east to west or west to eat (God knows where was I) O.o|| I have no idea how can we walk non stop, but we did. For the next 5 days you will find us walking like mad and we were still happy and excited.

MTR system equips with braille reader which you can hardly find it in Malaysia, no? Or non in Cambodia hahaha because we don't have any fast train system XD

Okie, lame joke.

Anyway, coming right up will be our Day 2 in Hong Kong. Stay tune.

The joy of living is by celebrating it

I have to admit that we are one crazy gang, don't you think? hahaha but that's the good thing. At our age, with the work load and stuffs if we take everything very seriously I bet we will definitely can't live long enough to see how will life be for the next 50 years heh.

Hence, we celebrate the joy of living by gather and bring laughter and joy. So, what I'm about to show you here, this entry will share to you how we celebrate life, love and bring the joy around. hahaha sound like i'm trying to sell stuffs. Yes, I am. I am selling the thought to you to learn how to enjoy and live life~! XD

Some believe they could control thing by using mind

Or think they could fly

The woowoozela fan

The animal lover

and the...errr.....ah hem....

Ooo that's the five of us

It was Katak's birthday. A gathering with a few friends at home. A very nice dinner. A very joyful and fun night :)

Thanks to Ah Ma for all the foods and the love

and the cake too

God bless and Happy birthday to Katak~

Monday, December 20, 2010

Belly Good, yet again.

The return for porky night just aint get enough. Went to Belly Good with friends for dinner. It was still as good as before, except the owner is friendlier.

For my non-halal friends, you should try them. It was really good, but you pay for what you have. So go figure. :P

Mushroom soup

Grilled Pork medalions

Mix Platter: A combination of Pork ribs and Pork belly

Grilled Pork *smiley* Belly

Sausage Platter

Trio Platter: A combination of Pork ribes, pork belly and sausage

Quick tip, it went very well with beer or white wine.

And I am still craving for pork knuckle! *double-sigh*

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Birthday, Belated Birthday and the pre-Christmas Dinner

December 18th is our uncle miaow's birthday. We decided to have a dinner gathering, as well, with Reza's belated birthday and the coming Christmas pre-dinner. It was fun and joy, met new friend and met up the crazy and funny friends.

Reza: don't you dare to take my food!

Uncle miaow, the habit photographer

Happy birthday, belated birthday and Merry Christmas

And of course the traditional birthday that the birthday boy have to follow.

Once again, Happy Birthday, Belated Birthday boys~ and Merry Christmas to all

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Xenri, Japanese Cuisine

Go back two months ago, if you still remember I mentioned that I promised my friend to go for Japanese buffet lunch, so now here it is. For goodness sake, at least I AM A SUPER DUPER LOUSY BLOGGER.... *double-sigh*

Anyway, we went to Xenri, a decent Japanese Cuisine, for buffet lunch at around RM 40+. It was reasonable price and good food. I would want to go again if anyone wanna go with me =D

It was full house but it was not pack. Just nice to walk around and get the food. I don't like squeezing with people or queuing for the food... O.o|| Just give me the food and I will go away haha

Food options were quite alright, not too many but you will find yourself very satisfy at the end of the meal.

Serve with Sake or Wine

I love the interior, very spaces and cozy. Very nice for family gathering and private.

Ahh~~wonder when can I go again? ^^