Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The joy of living is by celebrating it

I have to admit that we are one crazy gang, don't you think? hahaha but that's the good thing. At our age, with the work load and stuffs if we take everything very seriously I bet we will definitely can't live long enough to see how will life be for the next 50 years heh.

Hence, we celebrate the joy of living by gather and bring laughter and joy. So, what I'm about to show you here, this entry will share to you how we celebrate life, love and bring the joy around. hahaha sound like i'm trying to sell stuffs. Yes, I am. I am selling the thought to you to learn how to enjoy and live life~! XD

Some believe they could control thing by using mind

Or think they could fly

The woowoozela fan

The animal lover

and the...errr.....ah hem....

Ooo that's the five of us

It was Katak's birthday. A gathering with a few friends at home. A very nice dinner. A very joyful and fun night :)

Thanks to Ah Ma for all the foods and the love

and the cake too

God bless and Happy birthday to Katak~

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