Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Xenri, Japanese Cuisine

Go back two months ago, if you still remember I mentioned that I promised my friend to go for Japanese buffet lunch, so now here it is. For goodness sake, at least I AM A SUPER DUPER LOUSY BLOGGER.... *double-sigh*

Anyway, we went to Xenri, a decent Japanese Cuisine, for buffet lunch at around RM 40+. It was reasonable price and good food. I would want to go again if anyone wanna go with me =D

It was full house but it was not pack. Just nice to walk around and get the food. I don't like squeezing with people or queuing for the food... O.o|| Just give me the food and I will go away haha

Food options were quite alright, not too many but you will find yourself very satisfy at the end of the meal.

Serve with Sake or Wine

I love the interior, very spaces and cozy. Very nice for family gathering and private.

Ahh~~wonder when can I go again? ^^

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