Saturday, June 28, 2008

flight at your own risk

Let take a short moment review about the flight that I took.
Simple enough, I took the flight with MAS [yes, it's Malaysia Airline] twice in this half year. Four different type of meals they served me weren't the nice one.

They have this catering meal box look very cute and professional for the passenger that travel less than 3 hours, but they forgot that the meal is un-edible!! I doubt about the thing that I put in my mouth because I really can't tell if it is fresh or not...

I mean it was a good idea for the meal box rather than hot aluminum box meal, but have they tried their own food? Is it that nice?? really?? till they have to serve to the customers??

Give me a break!!

And I realized that they allow the passengers to carry big bag or even big luggage. When I said big, it is darn big, okay? They don't have enough compartment for that, and the passenger have to put under the seat, how about the big luggage? Ooo I know take out the small things from the compartment and fit in the big luggage, and keep the small bags under seat! problem solved!! What a brilliant idea!!

Things are just getting messier and uglier....*sigh*

Friday, June 27, 2008

Kuching...the land of freedom and heavenly stress-free

p.s. previous post was so I have to balance it back. Kuching wasn't that bad...I was just culture shock only [=.=" hehehe]

Day One

Welcome to Sarawak !!

and...Welcome to LICT...Kuching [^_^]

If I'm not mistaken, there are no Jusco or Tesco or whatsoever store there... except one tiny Giant.
In kuching, they mostly used the local brand.
For example, famous local fast food is SugarBun. Famous local store, Everise or 100% etc.
Cool heh? no?

Day Two

Few things you must do in Kuching, one of them is TRY the local food!!
Amust try: Sarawak Laksa and Kolok Mee....fuiiyooooo!!
Super Nice le.... *drolling*

Sarawak Laksa [RM 10]
p.s. super big prawn.... o_o

Kolok Mee [RM 6]

I tried these two dishes at Madam Tang's, a famous restaurant in town.

Madam Tang's menu

I went to this place for dinner, I have no idea what they call it [is it Kampong Boyan?? I donno....
It's basically across the river. So we have to take the sampan to the other side. It was so cheap, RM 0.30 per head [I wonder how much the roller earn per day -_- so kersian...]
p.s. It was not romantic, okay!?? the sampan so many people scary le...cis!


Day Three

Another dish that it might be hard to find in KL [or may be can't find at all] is tomato kuy teow. This one also...fuiiiyoooo!!

Tomato Yee Mee [~ RM 5]

Midin with Garlic [RM 8]

Midin...look weird, right?

Day Four

Yesterday I was mentioned about too much tea... Yes this is the Ice Lemon Tea special that I've mentioned.... -_-

Ice Lemon Tea Special [RM 2.50]

Helena, Sean and Valerie brought me to this famous Kuay Chap.
Fuiiiiiyoooo soooooo nice la and's cheap ^_^

Petanak Central Market
Yes... it's a wet market at day time

Kuay Chap [RM 3++]

Kuay chap is a sort of herbal soup with big flat kuy teow and lots of meat and the internal pig organ. right?

After Kuay Chap, we drove around and snap the pictures.
Apparently, Kuching turns to Cambodia at night hahaha. Everyone stay at home or even sleep early!!
So I've been force to take photo of the Kucing!! aiyooo very peiseh le... may be I took too much photo around...-_-

Cat Statue @ Kuching North City Hall

My three super crazy models...
[left to right] Sean, Helena and Valerie

After, we grabbed a bite @ ah mui's place. The famous stall for siu mai in town.
Muahahaha I just love to eat la...

Siu Mai [RM 0.50 per bigi]

p.s. I had two more cups of tea later that day...crazy right? I was totally forgot that I was trembling early the day [>.<]

Day Five

Grabbed lunch with Nikki @ The Badger Bar in the Sarawak Club [since 1876]

One thing I respect Kuching culture is that...thing will not double or tripple the price no matter where you go!!

Before the flight back to Cyberjaya, a must do is...getting a tattoo!!
kekeke Sean throw a dragon tattoo on my hand....
okay okay!! it's not a real tattoo...but it's super cool...and I love it very much ^_^


Tadaaaa.....The dragon...rrrroarrrrr...opps! wrong impression... -__-

not to mention I was stuck in the middle of a very looooooooooong jam while going to airport...

Front View

Behind our car

And here I am back in Cyber blogging about Sarawak... kinda miss them anyway...
They are so sweet, friendly and crazy sometime.
Hey, guys!! if you read my blog arr... Thank you very much oo!! I felt so warmth with your cares ^_^!! I'm so blessed!!

I want to explain something with the title.
Kuching is basically a nice place to live. It's peaceful and warmth.
You only have the 9-to-5 working culture, there is no phone call after midnight or meeting on Sunday!!
You have Hari Gawai public holiday where West Malaysia people doesn't know what is that!!
You have nice food to eat.
aiyaa go there'll know!!

p.s. and NO, I work more than 12 hours over there!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Too much of tea?

Today I had Nestcafe while taking breakfast, after that I had Tea (Earl Grey) few hours later. Then, I took Ice Lemon Tea Special during Lunch. The ice lemon tea special was very strong and I can’t taste the lemon at all.

Right now I’m trembling, am I having too much tea per day? Ooo dear…

no la, I think because the tea too strong, 2 cups in 6 hours is not too much, right?

I’m a coffeeholic to be frank; I only heard of ‘too much coffee’ and I’ve never heard of trembling because of Tea, but now I am!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

I can't believe that I'm going to write this entry.

All I want to say is, I miss Cyberjaya, I miss all my friends and colleagues.

I'm sad here. No food, everyone go back home by 5pm!! And I'm stuck in the office till 8.30pm.

I wanna go home!!!

My so-called wing's cafe burger for lunch

[update: apparently most of us can't see what's wrong with the burger. I give you some hint, try compare my thumb with the burger!! ah ha!! see told ya...]

roti telur for dinner

Life is sad!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Common signs and symptoms of antibiotic allergy include:

  • Rash
  • Hives
  • Itchy eyes
  • Swollen lips, tongue or face (angioedema)

The most serious allergic reaction to antibiotic is an anaphylactic [an-uh-fuh-LAK-tik] response, which can be deadly. Anaphylactic reactions develop immediately after antibiotic exposure in highly sensitive people and cause the airways (bronchi) to constrict, making it difficult to breathe. Blood pressure may drop to life-threatening levels, making you feel dizzy or causing you to lose consciousness. Other serious signs and symptoms include:

  • Wheezing
  • Lightheadedness
  • Slurred speech
  • Rapid or weak pulse
  • Blueness of your skin, including your lips and nail beds
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea and vomiting

I think I'm allergic to antibiotic.
Reason: After I got throat infection, I took antibiotic, then I've got itching the entire body, then I feel very dizzy all the time [which I thought because I had fever earlier, and now it's clearly not!] and diarrhea and feel like vomiting [and I also suspect my throat is also swollen since I feel very disturbing around that area which I don't think is the phlegm!!]

Anaphylaxis is an emergency requiring an immediate epinephrine injection and hospital care to maintain blood pressure and support breathing!!


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Went to Alamanda to watch The Incredible Hulk last night. It's gonna be Max's last movie in Malaysia for the next one or two or even three months [may be]. Yepp, he's going to Botswana again!

"Please don't make me angry, you will not like me when I'm hungry angry"

This action and Sci-Fi movie is much better than the first one [according to ah miaow! I haven't seen it yet :D]. But hey! it was not bad after all ^_^!!

After movie, we were sooooooo hungry. So we just grabbed a bite at A&W, and without hesitation I ordered this

A&W Root Beer Float

if you have no idea why can't I order it, you've gotta read this lolz.
And I got this...

A&W Onion Ring

No la, after the root beer I almost cough blood already how to eat DEEP FRIED onion ring!! o_o.. I felt like I'm gonna kill myself soon by just eating like this...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Your body is very hot, yet you feel so cold (chicken skin all the time)
You also can feel the heat from your ears
Cough (every time you cough you feel like somebody use the hammer hit your head)
or Cough from the chest (now your chest is very painful every time you cough)
Sore throat (sometime can't even drink water)
You can't balance yourself every time you stand up
You feel like vomiting
You feel tired
Sign of Diarrhea

If you have some or most of the above symptoms, I suggest you go to see the doctor and take MC la!!

Don't be smart*** like me stay in office!! [@_@] I shall take MC since the last two I feel like half-death...

He message and scold me why won't I go home and rest... I... I...I... don't know how to answer him...

I feel that I still can do work... it's just... I'm getting tired faster and not so convenience to work.
But I do, I still can do work... ~>.<~

Monday, June 16, 2008

Short Updates:
Our SuperChick will flight to Botswana this Sunday night and Our SuperPig will flight to Kuching next Monday~!!

If you encounter any problems please contact our heroes, Batman and Robin!!

Anyway, I had an expensive weekend with Dennis and Kahwai. Tried some new things, had some nice and expensive food. It was a fine weekend till I saw a senior couple [they are at least 60 years old] walk off the restaurant and the uncle was holding the aunty's hand very careful like I-will-never-let-go-off-us-till-the-end-of-my-life and I-still-love-you-like-I-always-do interpretation. I was holding my tears back then.

I was once dropped him a message in
Friendster that ‘Never-let-go’ and I do. But now I’m very tired. I’m sad. I’m broken. I thought I would never have to write this kind of post ever again but talking or hanging out with friends doesn’t work all the times.

Dear You, you were once asking me ‘If I saw us in the future together?’ and I’ve never answer.

I never saw us married or having children in the future- NEVER. But I never see us without us. I couldn’t tell you that I did not see us as in the future because I would not want you to go away from me which you already did.

It took you one week to decide to let go off me. But do you have any idea how long does it take me to let go off you? Don’t just keep silent or ask me. I also don’t know.

Enough of you, I’m very upset right now. I could eat my keyboard right away.

So I was saying I had tried some news things, ya I’m talking about food here. We had high tea and dinner on Saturday at Winter Warmer, Sunway Pyramid. It was so warm because there is no air conditioner and it’s outdoor [>.<]!

[photo will follow in the next entry :D]

Catch two movies in one weekend, The Happening and Kungfu Panda [Yes, I watched it again lo, don’t ask so much la]. I was actually nervous while watching The Happening. This is the first time in my entire 24 years of life that I watch horror movie and I’m nervous when people is being killed for no reasons!! For the bee’s sake, how could this possibly happen?? But the Panda did its magic I still laugh like I’ve never seen once before.

Before catching the Panda, we had lunch on Sunday at the Paddington House of Pancakes. What a fine lunch~ RM40++ for lunch. Holy Moly~~

Kahwai and the magazine

Cafe Latte~ the cup is cool le ^_^ [RM 7++]

Treasure Box from Paddington [RM 18++]

Double Giant Sausages from Paddington [RM 22++]

Tokyo from Paddington [RM 17++]

But they were real great *drooling*!!

Without failing- we had dinner at Dae Jang Gum again. I know I know that we always go there. But what we could do is think of the places and eat whatever whatever we are going to order. Why la why? Just eat whatever whatever we are craving for la.

We talk a lot about works!! Not we la, only Dennis and Kahwai, I found myself so isolated. They were trying to talk to me, but I just don’t feel like response to them. All the time I just passed the topic to my brain and answer it to myself. Why la why?

Btw, Happy Father Day~

Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House

Lot Ob.k3(A) & Ob.k3(B)

Ground Floor, Oasis Boulevard,

Sunway Pyramid

Paddington House of Pancakes

Lot G363,

Ground Floor, Rainforest,

1 Utama

Friday, June 13, 2008

I realized that I have the stupid positive innocent thinking on almost everything in my everyday life.
I realized that people will never understand one and another when it comes to benefit.
I realized that this world is more and more mindless, cruel and pathetic.
I realized that when thing exceed the limit there is always the pro and con.
I realized that the way I talk could make people hate me scare people away.
I realized that I hate the 'V' for Peace Symbol [isn't it for Victory? and why people use it for Peace?? My goodness!!]

Happy Birthday Max!!

The birthday Boy [June 11, 2008 00:05 am]

With Dennis and Me

With Kevin and Pete

with the Heroes



See! told ya... I can make ppl [at least him] smile...

eh hem~ do you know where did we celebrate Max's birthday? Aha!! it's neway again~ ok la at least they have buffet and Karaoke for us to release our stress and enjoy ourselves... ok what

Let's call it a night ~_~

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

new project in office...recently...

still have no idea what is it?

look closer....
is the SuperChick and SuperPig Project


p.s. please ignore this post o_o

Sunday, June 08, 2008

For Unity...[regardless naturalization :D]

I've found that...

  • It's good to treat myself nice things once in awhile
  • Give myself some space is an eye opening [at least sometime]
  • I hate peanut butter
  • Kung Fu Panda got 5 stars rating from me :D

The Trailer
  • I used to agree with Donald J Trump when he said: People never change!!
  • I now understood what does it mean by then
  • Small change will not transform you overnight, but it does for the whole journey of your life
  • Therefore, people never change overnight but for long term they do!!
  • I don't really like yogurt
  • A lot of people hang out at KL during weekend...even worst on public holiday

A very long three queue @ KL Sentral for the Monorail Tickets

A very long five queues @ GSC Pavilion for the movie tickets
  • I'm not patient enough even with small kids [esp. 10 years old and below]
  • The sticker label on the fruits or vegetables that being sold on the markets has it own meaning
  • 4 digits is Conventional Grown fruit or vegetable
  • 5 digits starts with 9 is Organic Grown
  • 5 digits starts with 8 is Genetic Modified
  • Genetic Modified use Genetic Engineer Technique to combine the DNA to create new Gene
Genetic modified apple

[believe me...there more scary and disgusting images upload on the net about GM]
  • The not-easy-to-peel-off sticker is very irritating

  • Some wonderful images from here

  • Coffee doesn't just grow anywhere
  • Most of the world's coffee is grown between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, on plantations in Africa and Arabia, Latin America and on Pacific islands. [quoted from Starbucks]
  • I like Iced Caramel Mocchiato ^_^
  • and Iced Cafe Latte :P