Friday, May 30, 2008

Ref.No: 85xxxx
Date: SAT 31 MAY
Showtime: 5:50PM
Cinema: GSC(xxxxxxxx)
No. of Seats: 1
recently a lot of events @ Limkokwing Uni. Gotta snap the un-clear version of the events yesterday lolz.

Also went to putrajaya after work for the colorful laser show. Pretty good actually if I would say. They shoot the water up and shoot the laser into the water... just like how the projector works with the white screen and instead of white screen the show need water [:P]

It was a cooperation between German, Japan and Australia. The show was last for about 10mn. The show will take place till end of May.

Question: what are the purposes of doing this?
Answer I don't know, because I only see the Putrajya/Cyberjaya neighborhood came and enjoy the others masaleh [spelling?] or whatsoever lo



The end

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


with Max @ Dae Jang Gum

Ryan and Kevin

Dennis, Ryan and Kevin

Bacon set

Beef Set

On the way to La Queen

@ La Queen

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I came across this song in Facebook and it is absolute beautiful. I just love it for no reason.

7.45am, Sunday, May 25....

It's the time of the year that I start to realize that I have done nothing through out the year and I'm getting more and more wrinkles.... [=.="]

Happy Birthday to Me~!!

On the birthday eve, we have full schedule planned.
  1. Have a hair cut
  2. Lunch
  3. Movie
  4. Dinner
  5. Clubbing
Should have listen to Kevin [sorry guys I made you guys rushed here and there].
  1. Me and Max rushed to have the hair cut [1 hour and 30mn for two heads]
  2. We rushed for lunch [15mn for 6 inches SubWay sandwitch o_o Dennis and Kevin can't even have proper lunch..sobsob]
  3. We rushed for the movie
  4. and we didn't rush for the dinner [apparently somebody somebody were late!]
  5. but we rushed for the clubbing
  6. and un-planned supper

Didn't I complain that I hate being rushed?
How sad...

So what did you learn?

Don't be so greedy lo...=.="

I did mention to go back to Dae Jang Gum again...soon, didn't I?? After the movie we drove back to Puchong for Dae Jang Gum hahaha *oink*oink* [the photo are with Max lo...upload later bah :P]
It still nice lo hahaha even we just had it last weekend lolz

On the Birthday itself, I went out with the researchers gang lolz. Who my sissy miaow and my tarling zaai yuen and all la...[=.="]

Went to Sunway AGAIN~ [no more sunway for the next 1 month!!]

Lunch @ Gasoline

Dinner @ O'viet Vietnamese Cuisine, Sunway

Two of the Cupcake decorator and me :P

with da ben dan Miaow

Starter: "Ban Hoi" or Mixed grill platter

Before wrap' em up

Spicy Seafood Kuy Teow [I love it...the prawn so big ^_^]

Vietnamese Chicken Salad [don't remember the exact name =.="]

Vietnamese Chicken and Lam Salad

Three Delight Color [O'viet special cendol]
and the Special of the day:

Awesome!!...Love it!!
p.s. SS is my full name lo then SP is SauPeng lo [she's one day older than me kekeke]


Sau Peng, Zaai Yuen, Me and Zaai Yee

The birthday girls [:D]

Okay enough for the schedule and stuffs back to the gift thingy...
This is the best part of this entry....
Ready for the Best gift of the year?? lolz

Big Thanks to my Dear Kevin gave me a very special gift yet I've ever got in my entire life!!

[not to mention he brought me to the special club too lolz.. I had fun, I enjoy watching hot guys dancing... but somebody somebody traumatized by the seniors @ the dancing pool kelian...hahaha]

Hello~~~Gorgeous~!! [with the price tag behind lolz, thanks guys!!]

And I got all the recipes that I always want~~

Earlier the day, I had dinner with B [now they all call him as "B"] and he got me the toilet shaking toy. I've always wanted it, but I never want to spend any penny on it lolz [stingy nia..] because I think it's a waste. I mean it cannot be any good for myself just the shaking toy and look cute. Thanks B now I have the toy without buying it...lolz [>:)]

Toilet Shaking Toy

cute le..shaking shaking *wootWootwoot*

And I gave myself a new look... hahaha not new look la...just had the hair cut only [:P]

Max: who is this ar?
Me: ....

p.s: I'm so blessed~~

Gasoline Cafe
Sunway Pyramid
[New wing, Asian Avanue]

O' Viet Cuisine
Sunway Pyramid
Petaling Jaya
03-7492 0018
[near ice skating]

La Queen Club
Jalan P. Ramlee
Kuala Lumpur
[trying to get the full address..but not found]

Friday, May 23, 2008

Aiiiihhh I got a lot of things to write...but I got no time to spare with. Hmmm sometime I wonder what have I done each seems like not much but it's not little... [=.="]

Dennis and Kevin've been accompanied me for dinner for weeks already nice.. [:P]

Grill Mongolian Lamb

Can't believe they have this nice grilled lamb @ padi house lolz

Then last Saturday, I dined out and went clubbing with Dennis, Kevin and their friends @ Italiannies and Bar Celona, Sunway. The food was good. But somehow Dennis wasn't happy with it. The waiter made him became a very sweet boy by spilling the ice lemon tea over him from top to pity...hehehe. To compensate what the waiter had done, the manager offered the free dessert for us [it sounds a lot but it's not]. So, we chose the Strawberry Cheese Cake. The cake was okok only. Nahh y' know... cheese cake, strawberry...all the same [I mean nothing special lo..they should have something else]

The club was alright. Because 1) most of us didn't go. 2) too crowded. Anyway, I enjoyed it.

so.....chubby [~_~]

The next day, went out again with Dennis and Kevin. We dined @ Dae Jang Gum, Puchong. That's right!! It's Korean restaurant!! The food was really nice. Thanks to Dennis and Kevin brought me there. Gotta go again soon :P [*oink*oink*]

me && *Teh Gim Wooi*

*Lee Haw Feng* && *Teh Gim Wooi*

side dishes [it's FOC and Free refill *drooling*]

Pork set

Beef set

Nice le, the bill was like RM 75++ only. And we were so damn full and satisfied!! hahahaha

Back to office, there are few things touch my soul. Some people might not find it touchy but I did. May be we are at different level of whatsoever. lolz

Ah nia made yogurt cheese cake for us. It was his trial version but it was good [I'm serious!!]

Max && the cake [this looks cute, not Gay, OK? [even IF he's gay or not]]

Thank you, ah Nia ^_^!! make some more ya keke

May 12 2008, the earthquake day

The ceremony was held @ Lim Kok Wing University to share the condolence of the victims of May 12 Earthquake.

I understand doing such a thing won't bring any good to the victim in China or other countries. Some people question: Why don't just donate the money to the victim? What for waste the money for this? But in order to bring the idea out, we need spirit and initializing and community. The community that takes care of the people of their own.'s like they need funeral when there's people passed away, right?

Padi House
Block 3503, Jalan Teknokrat 5,
63000 Cyberjaya,
[behind Fujitsu and next to Motorola building]


Sunway Pyramid
Petaling Jaya
Tel.: 03-5631 8661

Bar Celona

Oasis boulevard 3

Sunway Pyramid

Petaling Jaya

Tel.: 03–5621 8858

Dae Jang Gum

Korean BBQ Restaurant

15. Jln Puteri 1/4

Bandar Puteri Puchong
Tel.: 03-8012 2160
[Around Giant area]

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

House on Maps

Ever wonder where is that "house-for-rent" or "house-for-sell" that you saw on the ads?
Ever thought of the check out the location without going there?
I did~ sometime it is just hard to imagine the area or to find. pppprrrttttfffff~~

Thanks to the technology, we can do the impossible on the Internet. But without the efforts the technology will never be appreciated.

Visit for:
  1. Free ads posting for house and room renting/selling.
  2. 3D location available on the site.
  3. Convenient and Fast!
  4. ....Hahaha they have blog too [:P]

Some kids go to school, memorize what they are being taught and give it all on the exam sheet. Some kids bring the knowledge back home and use it. And this bunch of kids utilize their time and makes their thoughts becoming true and share to the world.

Remember, if you think of somethings, you can make it happen.

p.s: it is houseonmaps, with "s" at the end ya :P

Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm rushing my works because others are rushing me.
why? because they want it NOW.
why? because I'm slow.
why? because I have to much to do.
why? because I'm doing it alone.
why? because my colleague was sent to oversea.
why? because my boss is leaving.

I'm rushing my study because my supervisor is rushing me.
why? because I'm doing it too long.
why? because I'm working.
why? because I spent too much time at work.
why? because I need a job.
why? because I need to eat.

I'm rushing....

I hate being rushed!!
I hate to put the fake smile on my face!!
I hate to fake that I'm fine when I'm not!!
I hate being understood by someone that think they understand me and they don't!!

I'm lost.
I'm tired.
I'm pressured.
I'm frustrated.

Happy Birthday~!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

MIA: Man in Action

on the way to office

ya...still on the way u_u

u see the building? that's the campus building...

Campus building

Front door... the day I flew back to Malaysia, Alan said the main doors were broken because of too sui lo~

MAC lab
Didn't take much photo in the campus...coz I always run here and there [:D]

Me operating on MAC

Staff House

Last night out @ Phnom Penh

Went and had dinner @ Lyon D'or

I had Tornadoez [it's the name of the food la]
Intro: steak wrapped with beacon and grill 50% done.

And not to forget this beautiful nice lady whom brought me out for my last night in Cambodia

After dinner, we went clubbing ....again....two clubs somemore lolz. Didn't manage to take photo..because already tipsy lolz