Saturday, November 28, 2009

I am now back in Cambodia, in fact I'm here to work for about a week.
With the amount of workload and time line, I tend to see things differently and solve things in different direction. Some are good and some are not. Maybe it's the environment and/or the people I'm working with.

One day or another I felt so frustrated and unappreciated, then I started to google around (yeah, the term google means Search) for something to read.
I read motivational quotes, I read motivational stories.
Funny right? How can one feel different by just reading those? I don't know, I just can.

Obstacles are the things we see when we take our eyes off our goals.

There's so much of life to live. -

These words, keep me going. These thoughts keep me living.
Put a smile on your face, you'll never know who would fall in love with your smile.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone~

p.s. more posts and photos coming up~ stay tune *wings*

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the check list

1. MAC - checked
2. Lappy and notebooks - checked
3. Camera - checked
4. Passport and flight itinerary - checked
5. Self-entertainment - checked
6. Facial stuffs - checked
7. Shoes - checked
8. Travel Meds - checked
9. I don't need towel, I don't too many clothes...
10. hmmm anything else?

I'm traveling to Cambodia today. In fact, in another 6 hours and here I am still packing T__T

Anybody care to water my plants while I'm not around? *tearing-eyes*

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Night @ Brussels

Went out to Brussel @ Jaya1 area to meet up with KB, our ex-colleague. It was quite a night, many of us went together. Caught up with old friends and got to know new faces.

That's right, we are beer drinker.

Jia Yin and Kah Wai

Hoegaarden is officially one of my favorite beer

Nick, who wish not to be tagged in facebook while drinking...

Our superwoman who can drink every night and back to work on the next day at 8am, Ms. Kah Wai

KB and Scott, the couple

Our soon-to-be-a-full-timer, Richie

After the first session with KB, we stayed on till 3am and enjoy among ourselves.
After that night, I decided to hemm...errmmm smoking.
Now my friends are counting the days... see how long I would last O.o||
That's very supportive of them...

Get going...

I've been really off from blogging and other activities that I should be doing.
To be frank, I have no motivation to carry on what I have set for myself. It's sort of ruined. No one to be blame. I, as a human, sometime take thing very seriously and/or for granted.

I always tell myself to be very positive and chin up to succeed what I have planned for. And I always tell myself not to blame anyone or anything, for that reason, I am myself the one who choose my own path to walk. Day to day, I am getting weaker and dependent on things that I am wishing for. This is not a great idea, indeed.

It's time to seek my own passions and hit the road. I am no longer sitting and awaiting for hands to pull me up or someone to pour the juice of love over my dry soul.

You know what I like to do when I felt that I am lost? I will seek for spiritual thoughts and motivation. Seeing the truth of what I have and don't. What others have and don't, will give me a little hope on the road and the thought of who I am and where I am today...
If any of you feel the same, I hope you can get back on track and carry on your beautiful life...

Remember, always chin up~

Sunday, November 15, 2009

lots of updates

It's been Couple of weeks I've stopped living my regular life.
I just repeat the routine and the circle of the living being from the awaken time to the end of the night. Avoid the distraction and remembering things that I do not wish to forget is not easy.
Things changed, I barely adapt to it but I'm trying. It's really hard.
Every now and then, I found myself sitting at the edge of the bed and washing my face with tears. Or all of the sudden, I found all the courage and live frugally with surprise and confident.
I'm losing it. I'm tired.

"Even though I'm gone but your life doesn't stop here, and so does mine."

Here's the update for the past two weeks that I've been idle...

First real Sunday after months, shopping @ Pavilion

Lunch @ The Loaf

Drink @ The Public Playground, TTDI Plaza

Sun set @ Cyberjaya

Dinner and Drink @ La Bodega, Telawi Street

Drink @ Republic, Sunway

Coming up next:
Another Sunday @ KL, KL Tower

and Night @ Brussels

Saturday, November 07, 2009

After two months of not able to cook at home, today I finally can get my hands dirty XD

In process

I present to you, Sweety Pumpkin

yum yum ^_^

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

We hold hands and talk.
As much as we embrace what we have together, there are certain things that we couldn't change but only to accept.
You know how miserable it is to break my very own heart and hopes.
I am deeply drowning in my own sorrow.
Decision is made to the point that it's not necessary to depend on/need anyone to live with happily anymore.
Remember, I'm always around.

Monday, November 02, 2009

What if I give up now?
The question is, will I be happier?
God, please hold my hands.