Sunday, November 22, 2009

Night @ Brussels

Went out to Brussel @ Jaya1 area to meet up with KB, our ex-colleague. It was quite a night, many of us went together. Caught up with old friends and got to know new faces.

That's right, we are beer drinker.

Jia Yin and Kah Wai

Hoegaarden is officially one of my favorite beer

Nick, who wish not to be tagged in facebook while drinking...

Our superwoman who can drink every night and back to work on the next day at 8am, Ms. Kah Wai

KB and Scott, the couple

Our soon-to-be-a-full-timer, Richie

After the first session with KB, we stayed on till 3am and enjoy among ourselves.
After that night, I decided to hemm...errmmm smoking.
Now my friends are counting the days... see how long I would last O.o||
That's very supportive of them...

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Swee Ping said...

yes, i also will be counting...... :P but that's a good thing though! keep it up!