Sunday, November 15, 2009

lots of updates

It's been Couple of weeks I've stopped living my regular life.
I just repeat the routine and the circle of the living being from the awaken time to the end of the night. Avoid the distraction and remembering things that I do not wish to forget is not easy.
Things changed, I barely adapt to it but I'm trying. It's really hard.
Every now and then, I found myself sitting at the edge of the bed and washing my face with tears. Or all of the sudden, I found all the courage and live frugally with surprise and confident.
I'm losing it. I'm tired.

"Even though I'm gone but your life doesn't stop here, and so does mine."

Here's the update for the past two weeks that I've been idle...

First real Sunday after months, shopping @ Pavilion

Lunch @ The Loaf

Drink @ The Public Playground, TTDI Plaza

Sun set @ Cyberjaya

Dinner and Drink @ La Bodega, Telawi Street

Drink @ Republic, Sunway

Coming up next:
Another Sunday @ KL, KL Tower

and Night @ Brussels

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