Wednesday, July 30, 2008

b.u.s.y weeks

Very busy lah these two weeks... sigh...
Now blogging from the office...while waiting for the script to finish off generating... [hey! it's 9.30pm okay... I'm not using working hour to blog!!]

Very mad...
@ the people that rush me for n.o.t.h.i.n.g, they just rush for the sake of rushing.

Very tired...

@ repeated works and long day runs.

Very frustrated...

@ unprofessional working culture.

Very disappointed...

@ myself that couldn't manage and control to the better situation.

Dennis keep giving courage and telling me about the human [employee] limitation.
What for we want to pressure ourselves so much, because work will never finish one [sound very familiar...]. This is the best we can do, no one gonna kill us if we fail...

I understand what he said, but y'know the guilt feeling if we fail...

aihhhh I need to eat now!!

Hmmm I want to watch the Mummy III this weekend, who wanna join me??

Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm so happy today.... why? of course not because of my working place lah....

I went and grabbed dinner @ McD...then I saw something.
Something me....
So I fast fast order....

Make me so happy...^_^

The Coca Cola edition for Beijing Olympics

nice leh...

The other day I was talking to Chun Ho [spelling?], one of my colleague, and we were talking about the hobby of collection. I said I have none, then now think back again, I like to collect special edition of cups!! hahaha weirdo? hehehe nevermind la I like it lo...

It came with the set of Chicken McDeluxe [RM 15+]

Actually, McD has this so-called new set of burger of Chicken McDeluxe. A bit ridiculous lo, the set of double chicken mcdeluxe with 7 pieces of onion rings and soda cost RM16+ but if you change from onion rings to fried it will cost you only RM14+... like that also can arr...

Double Chicken McDeluxe

Sunday, July 27, 2008

short updates:
In office now, working lo....

p.s. it's short updates ma, how long would you expected?? -__-


special updates:

mr-ok-ok was late like 1 hour+,
mr-I-KNOW and mr-good-boy-newbie FFK last minutes
[ya, you see it right, they didn't show up!!]...

Sometime I doubt am I the only one concerned about my job responsibilities...hmmmm

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Janet oh Janet

Happy Birthday Sweety... Wishing you everyday as Happy Day!!

Janet with her Great Smile

Her choice of Mango cheese cake

Espresso Cheese Cake

Filled up cheesey with Apple Cheese Slice

Hope you have a Wonderful day ^_^

p.s.: I kinda felt bad about the earlier post today...think twice I should strengthen my management skill and be more patience rather than being mad at the newbies... okay...pinch me if I could not be more patience -__-"
Me: Hey mr-I-KNOW, okay, basically this is what we are doing....blah blah blah
mr-I-KNOW: ok
Me: We want to do research on Product I, ok.
mr-I-KNOW: ok
Me: So you do some research on what are the programming language apply in Product I.
Me: What are the development environment or API
Me: Any documentation or information... so on and so forth
blah blah blah
mr-I-KNOW: Why we use Product I, why not something else.
Me: This is not what we are using, we just want to study and research about it.
Me: We need to learn about the Product before we step down and plan the project.
mr-I-KNOW: I KNOW, but why that Product, NOT many people using it what.
Me: *silent-with-speechless-look*
mr-I-KNOW: You see arr, if got many people use it only we research about it lah, else what is the point?
Me: So are you saying that, if currently no one use the product we don't have to learn/know about it?
mr-I-KNOW: No no no, I KNOW we want to do the research but we can do something else.
Me: Tell me how much you know about Product I.
mr-I-KNOW: *silent-with-stupid-look* what do you mean?
Me: You don't know about it, I don't know about it. That's why we need someone know about it. And we could plan out the project. Isn't it?
mr-I-KNOW: I KNOW, but not many people use it, so we research something else lah. What about Product J?
Me: Okay, now you do research on Product I and Product J, and the comparison of both which one better
Me: Any questions?

You see?
This kind of attitude should I be pissed off or not?
Everything he also KNOW but can't answer.
Bllllaaaarrrdddddeeeyyyyyy Haaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllllllllll

And DON'T say I Stand in the Dark Side.
These people need a lot to learn esp. working vise attitude...
And I need an Anger Management Class x_X before I fcking kill someone!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Was trying to finish as many things as possible last night.
So I head home after 12 midnight.
Still have more energy so I decided to finish some more work at home.
[2.30am] seem like everything is okay...hmmmm may be I could shut down my brain and get some rest.

Can't sleep... hmmmm how arr...

Get a Crossword book and try to do it. Okay it works [X_x], I felt absolute tired after few minutes.

*beep*beep* set the alarm to wake up @ 8.30am!! Ah ha! I must get up late!!

after several minutes....

*beep*beep* re-set the alarm to wake up @ 8.00am... -__-"
nahhh I'll better taking my sweet time to go to work...rather than rushing.

That's right! No Rushing!!

[7.15am] Awaken!!... o_o the-usual-wake-up-time...shit...

roll over, left and right...

[7.44am] *beeeeeeeeeeppppp* A message recieved:

"Sophea, IT will set up the pc at the hall of fame by 9am. We need CCC to on the CMS and we need it to be done by 9.30am."

Ohhh since I got three newbies, I arrange their tasks and shit...the night before.

Newbie 1: does task A.
Newbie 2: does task B.
Newbie 3: does task C.

Okay, now I have to get my @$$ up and get ready to go to work.

Writing this post on the way to office....and here I am...

What The...*silent*



[9.09am] Somebody-manager called: I need you to do this this this and this.. boleh?
[9.10am] *beep* another message: Sophea, we will be late, sorry. [From the two newbies]

-___-" I'm so freaking speechless....and where the hell is the other newbie go???

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fight for it!

Was talking to Julie, an old friend of mine. She was my ex-roomie, a caring and loving one I've ever have.
She noticed my status so sad, she asked what happen. I told her the story and she was like... -___-

There the conversation went...

Julie says:
oh no thats so sad and unfair to u...
Julie says:
so he left to spore redi?
Kopiais says:
Julie says:
but its not fair for u gal..
Kopiais says:
there's no such thing as fair
Julie says:
u shud talk n discuss wif him
Julie says:
do u still keep in touch wif him?
Julie says:
there is if u fight for it
Julie says:
ditsance rship is possible...just like me n my bf

Then the conversation kept going on and on... I was getting more and more upset... knowing how ridiculous I was that I didn't fight for what I really want. How sad it is that I just let it be?

She is at Singapore right now and her bf [they are together for eight or nine years now] is at Kelantan.

She really fights for it, she went through all the hard time and good time. She comes down to KL every two weeks or once a month.

I remembered, I told him I would go Singapore every two weeks or once a month since it's very near. But seems like not everyone like the method though.

To you,
If somehow you read this blog, this is not a post to fight back for what I want.
This is not a post to beg you to come back to me.
This is also not a sarcastic post or even a hidden message.

I regret I didn't fight for it.
I regret that I cried over the difficulties rather than stand up and solve it.

Somehow you're gone, I want you not to regret for what you have done.
I want you to really fight for what you really want.
I want you to look ahead and achieve what you really want most in your life.
Go ahead, fight for it!


the notebook...

I think I'm a little bit lost track of what I'm doing.

Almost missed out the second session of the today training [thought is tomorrow]. Managed to finish the training after 15mn late!! [how embarrass!!]

I think I need a proper notebook, rough paper or sticky notes wouldn't help anymore.
What's wrong with my old notebook by the way?
Ahhhh it was bit odd to write on...
Okay..let's get a new one [lame excuse to go shopping...]

Or may be I should get a PDA phone [muahahaha]

Darn~ Stay Focus!!

Just get the damn notebook!!


Updates [02.01pm]:

Thanks to Lee Haw Feng gave me not one but TWO notebooks this morning... so no more excuses for shopping!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Short Updates:
I just came back from Pahang [don't worry I'll be fine]. Tired, exhausted, helpless [with tomorrow works], hopeless and lil emo [The trip was great, it was just myself, ignored it]...
At lab now, will update later. Somehow I can't stay at my own home alone, how sad.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

These are the photo from the night we went and watched the Batman premier.
Grabbed a bite @ รักไทย or Rak Thai, The Garden - Mid Valley, before the movie.

รักไทย menu

Kah Wai [act cute by not looking at the camera hehe]

I always love Som Tam [RM 5++, missing the old day @ Thai fair :( ]

Phat Khi Mau [RM9++, Love it!]

Lemongrass Drink [RM 2.50++, never order this!]

Thai Milk Tea [RM 3++]

We also have the side order from SBread, the next door stall.

Toast [RM 3.60]

Then I noticed something, something syiok!

The Giant Butter!
[imagine at night how the keep it, and "if" the bugs were all over the place >.<]

After the food, we head for movie...

GSC Signature

The hall for deposit/collect the electronic devices [now you know what I was talking about]

Deposited handphone

That's all for today :P

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Eryn's Birthday

It was Eryn's Birthday on last Sunday. She came down from Penang and celebrate with us, how touch.

Eryn [she refused to take full shot, so the eyes are enough ;)]

We went to SushiGroove @ 1Utama for dinner. Umm I wouldn't recommend lo, the food bit lower than my expectation and costly! It makes me miss the Sushi Zanmai *drolling*

SushiGroove House Salad [RM 5++ exactly the same size as the smallest bowl at your house]

Soft shell crap rolls [RM 12++]

California Roll [RM 11++]

Tuna somethingsomething rolls [RM 12++]

After dinner, we dropped by Station1 [or 1Station? whatever la] @ Kelana Jaya for couple of drinks. Old folks gathering and talk crap~~ missing the old day ^_^

Hsiang Kun and Set Teng [a.k.a the sweetest and cutest couple!]

Eryn, hope you enjoy your day ya ^_^
Stay Pretty, Stay Happy, Stay bloggy!!

Batman: The Dark Knight -- Premier ^_^

It was a Premier show for Batman: The Dark Knight on Tuesday night @ GSC Signature, The Garden - Mid Valley.

Batman: The Dark Knight

It was awesome ^_^!!!

Y'know the feeling of watching the show before anybody else know it is released! I was very excited! It's Batman and It's Premier and It's Signature cinema... how cool is that...

Thanks to Kah Wai brought the ticket for me. This girl always has all sort of tickets... I wonder why...Even this coming Friday she has some sort of invitation to Zouk as well... still considering if I should go or not [cos busy day the next day...]

Anyway, back to the premier... It was a bit weird when I saw security walk around. They are not look like security guards, they more like the army or soldier that taking care of the weapons warehouse!
So before the show, we have to deposit our electronic belonging such as mobile, camera even thumb drive etc. Too bad I deposit my phone before taking photo of the places [:(]

Not just that y'know. They used the scan devices to scan your body, check every of your begs, ask you if you have any electronic devices or not!! -__-" It's like I'm going to see Mr. President!!

Walk down through the ails of the seats... there are popcorn and a bottle of mineral water of every seat. Hmmm I think that's one of the reasons people pay almost RM30 just to sit in signature cinema. No? The seats are slightly bigger than normal cinema, nothing very special.

But I did enjoy the show very much [^_^]

Cinema Rating: 7 out of 10
Show Rating: 8 out of 10

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

girl: *writing*
boy: What are you doing??
girl: write down my shopping list..
boy: *looking at the list*
boy: my god, you're like a housewife!!
girl: ...*speechless*...
girl: what's wrong with writing the cooking or baking shopping list?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Pete's Birthday

Day 1: The Birthday Eve @ Neway

Pete being cam whore alone...

The rabbit [or is it Bear?] team!!

Portrait: Pete with Dennis

Portrait: Pete and Jong

Portrait: Zenn and Pete

Portrait: Pete and Kevin

Portrait: Robin and Pete [robin, focus!!]

Portrait: Pete and Kah Wai

And this is what happen when he saw the cake!!

Pete [acts gentle], Jong [acts cute] and Dennis [acts cool]

pete: can I have my cake now!?

Look familiar? Ya, it's the same pattern with Max's Birthday

Portrait: Jong and Zenn

Portrait: Zenn and Me


Day 2: The Birthday Treat @ Office

sometime around 2 am

sometime around 2.15 am

sometime around 9 am

Day 3: The Birthday Gift

Smiley Pete

p.s.: still no mood, btw...but too many entries have not I have to do sth -__-"