Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One Team Party [Update]

Alright, I have just few minutes to update some more photo for the events.

The night was real great, we met a lot of people - important people. Or I should say I saw a lot of important people heh. Yeah that would be logically right.

Florian Mueller (Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Vice Present of Sale) and Peter Honegg (Mercedes-Benz Malaysia President) did the welcome speech and introduced the F1 test driver...

Nick Heidfeld whom recently had signed the contract to be Mercedes-Benz F1 Test Driver

There were quite couple of things to enjoy over the night such as the easy quiz to win the mystery gift pack.

The live band was awesome

The audiences were really enjoy the songs and the dances

Many enjoy meeting new faces

Many enjoy the car racing game as well

and of course Stylo fashion show

Not to mention what were we doing there.... introducing Jungle Jerry... opps.... not him (yet), it's the Multitouch Table incredibly done by SouthPaw

Now may I introduce to you the DJ of the night, Jungle Jerry.

The music was awesome, you had from the the 60th up to today music... he definitely born to be a DJ haha *lame-joke* And shall we meet the men behind the scene?

Clement, John and Arthur (from your left)

John and Clement wish to have their photo taken with one of the oldest F1 car poster... don't ask me why...

p.s. more photo @ my facebook

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Little Taiwan

locates at the new wing of IOI Mall. Little Taiwan is an halal restaurant that serve the menu from Taiwan. The famous dish will be the spicy steamboat glass noodle.

lao shu fen aka clay-pot rat tail noodle

Spicy steamboat glass noodle with 3 type of meats

They do have set rice too, as Clement was having is duck meat set. Overall was okie, price reasonable and taste was not bad too. While waiting for the food, I shot some stuffs... I was just way too free XD

Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Khmer New Year 2010

Alrighty, I'm a bit late but not too late because today is the third day of Khmer New Year.
I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all my fellow families and all friend a very happy new year and may you have a great year ahead.

p.s. picture taken from my cousin's facebook XD

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Till page 66, I read. Positive quotes, I read. I felt bothered, I am moody. I keep reading the positive words and thinking about them. I keep reminding myself I don't want to be the bad guy that I told myself this morning when I got up.

Have you ever once got tired of things and really tired that you will not care anymore and you just want to drop it and let bad things happen and you will be the bad guy? I do. This morning was one of the day that I told myself I want to be the bad guy. I am angry with things that happen ain't the way I want it to be. I am angry with things why I should be bother to care if no one would care about me? I am angry.

I took one step back and think.
That's not who I want to be, the bad guy, not even a day.
I've been wishing for the star from the above and outreach my hands.
And I got disappointed when I was not granted one.
I have to live with my fear and the reality that things will not be the same way as I want it to be.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One Team Party

I joint my friends at the party last night. Well, they were working so I was kind of sort of working hahaha okie, half working half having fun *bleuk*

It was a good night though I was not really feeling well but I did enjoy the night. There's a lot more photo to post and process but I will have wait for the other set of the photo from my friend. So... I thought I could just post these few first heh.

Cute girl at the reception

Introducing the very first sport car in Malaysia.. no, it's the first Malaysian sport car.. errmmm I don't really know how to put the words here... so here it is..

the new SLS AMG

One of the driver was there too...guess who?

Stay tune for more :P

Thursday, April 01, 2010

2010 Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon II

This is the second time this event had been host at Putrajaya. Last year I didn't go because well simple reason, no camera, too crowded and yeah laziness.
I went on Saturday evening [20/03/2010] , it was really crowded, there's no phone coverage service around the area and it was a really hot day.

Despite the negative environment, of course we caught what we went there for

In fact, there were not many balloons this year. And I wasn't update to stand up close to snap any photo due to the limitation of the number of photographers that can go inside.

Oh Look! what I saw, Ted and Dennis

Oh wait, my camera was actually went inside without me haha long story short, I have some photo up closed but not they weren't shot by me.

fire shot by Dennis

I know the firework shots weren't that nice, but I like the mixture of the colors :P

Next year going again... naaaa I will have to see the situation... if I still have the same gear I won't be going there next year though. Will see :p