Thursday, April 01, 2010

2010 Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon II

This is the second time this event had been host at Putrajaya. Last year I didn't go because well simple reason, no camera, too crowded and yeah laziness.
I went on Saturday evening [20/03/2010] , it was really crowded, there's no phone coverage service around the area and it was a really hot day.

Despite the negative environment, of course we caught what we went there for

In fact, there were not many balloons this year. And I wasn't update to stand up close to snap any photo due to the limitation of the number of photographers that can go inside.

Oh Look! what I saw, Ted and Dennis

Oh wait, my camera was actually went inside without me haha long story short, I have some photo up closed but not they weren't shot by me.

fire shot by Dennis

I know the firework shots weren't that nice, but I like the mixture of the colors :P

Next year going again... naaaa I will have to see the situation... if I still have the same gear I won't be going there next year though. Will see :p

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