Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One Team Party [Update]

Alright, I have just few minutes to update some more photo for the events.

The night was real great, we met a lot of people - important people. Or I should say I saw a lot of important people heh. Yeah that would be logically right.

Florian Mueller (Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Vice Present of Sale) and Peter Honegg (Mercedes-Benz Malaysia President) did the welcome speech and introduced the F1 test driver...

Nick Heidfeld whom recently had signed the contract to be Mercedes-Benz F1 Test Driver

There were quite couple of things to enjoy over the night such as the easy quiz to win the mystery gift pack.

The live band was awesome

The audiences were really enjoy the songs and the dances

Many enjoy meeting new faces

Many enjoy the car racing game as well

and of course Stylo fashion show

Not to mention what were we doing there.... introducing Jungle Jerry... opps.... not him (yet), it's the Multitouch Table incredibly done by SouthPaw

Now may I introduce to you the DJ of the night, Jungle Jerry.

The music was awesome, you had from the the 60th up to today music... he definitely born to be a DJ haha *lame-joke* And shall we meet the men behind the scene?

Clement, John and Arthur (from your left)

John and Clement wish to have their photo taken with one of the oldest F1 car poster... don't ask me why...

p.s. more photo @ my facebook

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Clement said...

thanks for the indirect promotion. LOL! And the pics are great. Made me miss the event. :p