Monday, May 03, 2010

Mamak Mee-Ah

Oh Good God... I finally have sometime to post it up! For heaven sake it's been how long? 3 weeks? *double-sigh*

So there you go, a bunch of photo of Mamak Mee-Ah performance that my friends and I went to watch mid of April at The Actors Studio @ Lot10 (the roof top).

Jen Ting wandered in front of the Studio

The first half performance, we dare not to take picture or video even though the producer had actually informed that photo and video were allowed with no flashing around. Regret enough, the performance was good. Say no more, Let see some actions shall we? For more details on the show you can check on Dennis's because I seriously couldn't recall the exact songs that they performed *paiseh*

I would have to say they were very lively and expressionist and of course humorous too! I really enjoyed the performance though the seat wasn't comfortable enough :P

And The End

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PhotogMao said...

Mamak Mee-Ah..
Creative name...

Do the stories or scenes follows the Mama Mia's performance/show but with a funny sense ?