Thursday, May 06, 2010

Borneo, The Heavenly Delicious

Okie, before I say anything I shall declare for a bit about the title. The term Heavenly is from my personal point of view and...and...and it does not mean that only Borneo food are heavenly delicious.

Last month I was on a business trip to Kuching, Sarawak. I never say no to go Kuching, in fact I never say no to travel heh. It's such a great place to relax and enjoy. I love the food. I love the people.

This post is more for the food and there will be another post for the Borneo Discovery ya.

May I introduce to you John's Place.

It famous for the Char Keow Tiow Kerang (Friend flat noodle with cockles) with sambal.
I have got to say that it is really delicious, not as oily as other place. Love it!

Char Keow Tiow Kerang

Fried Sambal Sotong, *tasty* and now I'm *drooling*

Fried Ayam, yum yum

And I must not forget to mention about the beer. Oh good God, where else can you find 3 cans of beer for only RM10? Of course you can get it a lot cheaper in Langkawi but I'm talking about Kuching here. It's super cheap!


Next, Steamboat! There was the whole road full of steamboat buffet house for you to choose in the city of Kuching at the very reasonable price. The steamboat buffet of course come with fresh seafood, fresh red meat, marinated meat, assorted meat and many other meat and vegetable. I had steamboat buffet at Shaung Tian Steamboat if you ask.

I had lots of prawns....O.o||

Did I mention that they have lot of weird drinks? Yes they do. Scroll down and you'll see, but I've got to say, it's really tasteful and fresh.

Ngo Mi Teng

White Lady

Kedondong Juice (Spondias dulcis Juice)

Char Kui

Lok Lok

Chicken Grilled Salad

Fried rice cake with minced chicken

Fried pork with Guinness beer sauce

Seafood Soup

Sweet and Sour Fish

Claypot Tau Fu

errmmm... okie I have no idea what's the dish call

Fried local vegetable, Mydin

Fish head noodle

Have you ever drink sugarcane with coconut? Neither have I. And I didn't order too, it just too weird hehe

I had Special, that's the name of it.

Kong Pia

Kong Pia is one of the famous type of biscuit in Kuching city. Some of the local would refer to Chinese Burger. The original filing is fried minced pork and there are many more type of filing such as: ham, cheese, red bean etc.
It's one delicious Chinese burger I would say.

Oh my~~ just describe all the food... I already miss the food! I would have to go again... for real holiday XD

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