Sunday, May 09, 2010

Borneo Kek Lapis

Some of you may know that Sarawak is famous of Kek Lapis (layers cake). Kek Lapis is quite special in a way. There are many flavor of kek lapis, some are plain vanilla, chocolate, watermelon, cheese and many more. Some even has the mix flavors and that what make kek lapis special.

My friend and family brought me to Kampong Gersik in Kuching to get some kek lapis back to KL. I thought it was just some stalls sell the kek lapis but it's way out of my expectation.

Kek Lapis house

Inside the small tiny road, there is this house that sell all type of kek lapis. Not just that, they do have samples for you to taste before you buy.

Oh did I mention A lot of samples? Lots of them... all flavors, fresh bake from the oven...

The little girl wait for the fresh baked samples :P

And they do sell other assorted snacks and local food as well.

Now choose which one you wanna buy!

Out of the house, there are many stalls along the road there sell kek lapis as well. Many of them...

I can't wait to go back there and get a real holidays XD

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