Monday, December 20, 2010

Belly Good, yet again.

The return for porky night just aint get enough. Went to Belly Good with friends for dinner. It was still as good as before, except the owner is friendlier.

For my non-halal friends, you should try them. It was really good, but you pay for what you have. So go figure. :P

Mushroom soup

Grilled Pork medalions

Mix Platter: A combination of Pork ribs and Pork belly

Grilled Pork *smiley* Belly

Sausage Platter

Trio Platter: A combination of Pork ribes, pork belly and sausage

Quick tip, it went very well with beer or white wine.

And I am still craving for pork knuckle! *double-sigh*

1 comment:

Eryn said...

cool! bring me there next time! :D