Saturday, December 11, 2010

I'll remember that

Today, a colleague of mine said something to me before she hanged up the work call:

Sophea, May God be your strength and May God bless you. Take care ya.

My heart stopped for a second. I paused and said,

Amen, thank you Maria.

I don't know what I feel. Do I feel guilty for not being very nice speaking to her before she said such beautiful thing to me? Do I feel sad for what I do? Do I feel pathetic for what I have not manage to control my emotion over stress? Do I feel angry when I try to get things right and it ain't? And everything just right in front of me.

My job is not the hardest job in the world, but I'm having a hard time with it sometime. And there are time that I get pass through it easily and there ain't. And that sucks.

I wish I could remember to count from one to ten before I asnwer the questions.

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