Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Best trip of the year

As I mentioned in my previous post, Dennis and Ted and I went for marathon in Singapore recently; the journey didn't end there. We enjoyed ourselves and treated it as a short break and photography trip.

So much shooting, so much things to take in such short period, so much fun, and spent quite some amount too hahaha darn you, exchange rate... lolz

The trip actually started from Cyberjaya to Johor Bahru to Singapore and return back for 4 nights and 4 days.
Big Thanks to Ted that drove us all the way go and back without complaining *smiles*
Big Thanks to Dennis for asking me to join the marathon trip *smiles*

Since there are so many photo I have shot so I'm not gonna post many here, you can check it out at my facebook album *wings*
However, I'd like to highlight few things that cherished me while I was tired and double up my joy ^_^

Best Japanese fast food ever

A must try fast food, Mos Burger

Best companions

Cute packaging

Tasty lemon mussels

First attempted model

Second attempted model

"So many Starbucks," said Dennis

Starbucks king

Welcome to Startbucks and you may not smoke, thank you

"So many hot chicks," said Ted [I couldn't take any, maybe he did]

"Soph, it's your turn," said Dennis


"So many..."

"So many..."

"Ohh.... So many Christmas Trees," said me

now you know what I'm talking about heh

Singapore, one of the places worth spending time and money hahaha [my opinion, of course]


Dennis said...

Agree!!! Definitely the best trip of the year!!!

Ted said...

What & Why should I complain about when I have the best buddies with me? :)