Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Mom always tells me to take good care of myself. She does not know very much detail what I've been up to and going through everyday.
Life is a bitch sometime, but it's still good.

Some might wonder how could I survive alone all by myself in a foreign country. I'm no super woman, just like you, sometime I am dependent on something or someone.

What mom does not know as well is that I have a little family here with me. A little family that I could hold on to (most of the time).

Family of couple of people

People whom I share joy and tears with

People whom fill in my glass with warm and care

People whom I enjoy spending time with

People whom I share the same plate with

People whom believe in me

Every bit of moment, I am blessed and I believe in.

That's my little family.

what more could I ask for Christmas?

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