Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sometime, to see other happy is just quite a comfort to yourself. You smile when you see other smile at you, with you or for you. There are so many reasons why one could do everything for another. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Example of a friend who would follow another for Japanese food even though he does not prefer raw food. That is because sometime giving in is just so much easier to fight against and win.
But it doesn't mean you will have to give in all the time. Your friend would have remember you do not prefer raw food if he would like to a greater time with you. It's the matter how to balance up your relationship.

Remember this? "Everybody is selfish. It's just the matter of with who and when". I hate being selfish. I hate other being selfish. But I've overlooked the reality that whatever you're doing even though it's for the better good and for other, you will still have the small loop to return back to your own self and that is selfish. Everybody is selfish. I am selfish.
And selfishness gets overwhelming when you let the self-pride and ignorance taking control of everything. When you must get what you think you do want.

I've been trying too hard to make other happy and I've forgotten that I'm not. Now I sound selfish because I want me to be just as happy as others. Heh, this is getting more complicated.

How to balance this? I'm lost.


childs said...

This reminded me of what Phua Chu Kang's ah mar once said, "Be good; but dun be STUPID!~!~!" LOL but wise words :P

Swee Ping said...

If you find the answer, please share with me.