Friday, December 11, 2009

3rd trip to Cambodia of the year

I have so many posts to update O.o||
I've been away for about two weeks, spent 10 days in Cambodia and 3 days in Singapore.
It was the awesome and sort of wake up trips after all.

Let me show you some randoms photo while I was in Cambodia. Oh btw, I was there for working, not holidays... how sad. But I managed to spend time with family during the weekend.

First dinner @ home

Pork filling Dumpling with vegetable

Grilled Water Lobsters

Hot fried some-beef's-parts with eggplants

Last dinner @ home

My parent's favorite stall for Roast Ducks

Braised pig's parts

Roast Duck

Fried mee

Mom and Dad

Through the plane's window

The sky is superb~

It was considered another tight deadline and busiest trip I've ever had.
Let me tell you why is it a wake up call trip...
Normally when I was back home, my family or relatives will ask the following questions

Are you dating?
When are you going to get married?
Are you coming back here?

But this time, they add one more question

When are you buying a house?

O.o|| waloa... I was really like ermmmm...when? I also don't know. How?
Am I really that old or what do they call the right age to start think of this bit commitment?
Now I have to work my buttom off to be able to answer all such questions or be able to just do it at any point of time... >_<" wish me luck...

Next: 2nd Marathon of the year

p.s. more photo of Cambodia's trip @ my facebook *smiles*


Dennis said...

You look like your mom... your dad must be very good looking when he was young...

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

haha thank you... i surely will tell my dad that hahaha

They said, the children will in heritage father's height and mother's weight... i think it's true haha