Friday, January 15, 2010

Bukit Tinggi

As I mentioned in the last post, I went to Bukit Tinggi when I was supposed to stay at home and working heh. I know, I'm such a lousy student. O.o|| naaa I need a break though :P
So we left real early, about 6 to 7am we were already having breakfast in KL. After breakfast we head to Bukit Tinggi where I have no memory about the road at all because I was catching some z in the car T____T

There, we reached~ There are 4 main places you can visit if you're at Bukit Tinggi.

1. Japanese Village, the Botanical Garden that is quite forestry and birdy

and the Japanese Tea House accompany by the waterfall and spa suit that could cost you about RM 400 for one and a half hour body massage T____T

2. French Village together with the little European village and surrounded by hills

You will also notice there were two pairs of swan swimming at the front gate little pond

3. The rabbit park, Donkey ride and Horse trail

This little fella so energetic and adorable

I didn't go to the Donkey and Horse area, the entrance were charges and there's nothing much to see (we can catch up by just standing from the other side of the fence)

4. The sport complex

I don't mean to be rude, but yeah that's pretty what they have for sport complex beside the Golf field and bowling hall.

After realizing that we had discovered almost everything, we decided to stick around a little bit longer and take some portrait shots. It was a great idea, I can learn how to take portrait :P

This handsome man, you probably already knew him, is Dennis

And this good looking man is Ted

This is our beautiful and super poser without telling much, Joanne

I learn this style from one of my friend who taking photo for a living T____T when can be such creative and be more professional >_< *sober*

We already planned for this weekend. Oh~ please God please... don't let anyone ruin my plan again T____T||


Dennis said...

Fuiyo... handsome and good looking... such an honour...

What if the god wants it to rain on the day itself?

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

then arr....then...God must be not happy with you... what did you do lately? -___-