Sunday, March 15, 2009

What an exhausted weekend! I went to PWTC - Matta Fair with Swee Ping - a colleague of mine - on Saturday after work and went to Batu Cave and KL on Sunday O.o

Matta Fair

It was another hot and heavy rain day T________T we were almost as wet as we walk without an umbrella even though we did. We reached PWTC around 5pm and it was still crowded T___T
So we walked along the crowded and check out our trip plan. But it's rather disappointed and troublesome because I might need a visa to the place that we planned!! Ggggrrrrrrr -___+"

*think-think or maybe we just change the location hehehe will see

We were lost in the fair T______T the stupid signboards were just too messy to follow!

After walk like hell, we sat in Kenny Roger for dinner. Oo wait, on the way out of the fair, I bought these cupcakes from Seri Pacific hotel.... I knew it!! they suck but I just like to give people a chance...which I shouldn't!!

pardon me, the box was too I kinda shaked the cupcakes in the box like cocktails O.o

they taste really bad...T____T

Okay, back to Kenny Roger food. Sigh~ another disappointment but hey, their muffins were not bad. I thought it would taste as bad as KennyRoger outlet at Jusco Equine park.

Banana Muffin

new menu item: What was the name again?

O.o excuse me for not remembering the name because the fish was just not good enough to be remembered T_____T [should have just stick with the roasted chick]
It is the new menu item, fish with balinese sauce or something like that. The fish was just rather simple and tasteless. I don't get it, the ikan baka that I ate at the bus stop [cyberjaya bus stop] is much more better [oo man you should have try it!]

p.s. this review is based on my own individual opinion.

Batu Cave

I finally got to go to Batu Cave *peace*. I have never been there, I just couldn't find any reason for being there hehe

The big statue and the stair going up to the temple

I didn't go up the temple, I went for my colleague's wedding @ the wedding hall. For the first time in my life, I have never seen so many Indian people in one place O.o Ooo well, they all are just look the same to me [you know the same dress, same hair style with the jasmine designs, same jewellry etc.] I can't differentiate any of them -_____-"

Far back in the hall

Nearer abit

This is what they serve for lunch, quite simple hehe [can really save alot haha]

KL - Jogoya

Hehe don't ask me why, I was just too into the Japanese buffet!! Plus the last time I went I didn't manage to take any photo so hehe this is the time baby!! PlusPlus I promised my tarling Zaai yuen to bring her there for her birthday treat...


Salmon and Raw fishes
So tender, so fresh, so delicious!!

my tarling Zaai Yuen [a.k.a Ah Ma], she likes her coconut very much ^___^

Guess what is that?

It's sharkfin soup *big-wet-tearing-eyes*

There are alot more food and beverage but I'm just too lazy to take everything
[No, ah ma, I won't go and snap the photo at the buffet area!]

There are wine too !! XD

Italian Pana Cotta
This tastes really awsome!! You should try it if next time you go there and they have them :P

Question: Ah ma, are you happy?
Answer: [see the picture]

I had a great wonderful delicious exhausted weekend, hope you do too ^___^


Dennis said...

Jogoya again???!!! So rich...

Nice weekend you had...

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...


so, do you want to go when you are back? hahaha

Swee Ping said...

Balinese Bumbu something something I think. Now I know why you asked me to send our pic :P, sorry ah still haven't send to ya :P

Ping said...

Bumbu Balinese something something. Now I know why you want the picture of us :P

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

Hahaha ya lo...I also forgot to ask you yesterday :P

daijiaoking said...

Hahaha... i oso never seen so many indian people in 1 place b4... :p