Saturday, February 28, 2009

Alright, I already went to PDN, it took me whole day just to re-submit my blood test sample O.o
I wanted to take public transport but he said it's not that safe, so he went with me.

Took us one hour to reach the place, few hours to wait for doctor and give the blood sample.
It's funny when the doctor said:
"We suspected there's virus in the blood. It could be from your blood or it could be from the other blood donor that we used the same blood tube"

-____-" whatthefuck, is that mean what? they sterilize it all the time? And maybe that one time they did not clean it properly?

Guess what, on the way back, the bike broke down. Why am I so bad luck recently?
It happen twice last week, I went to the lab and came back late at night with ah miaow. First, his bike broke down [no, is not because the bike's too old] and second time his car broke down [no, is not because he forgot to off the light]... Is it me or what??

Anyway, the whole day I was exhausted and tired and hopeless.... I slept whole day till dinner time we went to Jogoya [weeeewww jumping up and down]. I'm so happy... This is not just to cheer me up and also to celebrate his early birthday too ^_^

Happy *early* Birthday Baby *waving*

Shasimi, Salmon, Oyster, Prawn, Lobster, Crab, Haggen Daze ice cream, Cakes....and a lot more. Very Very Very fresh, Very Very Very delicious, Very Very Very happy me.
Screw the test result, what for I want to be sad about what is going to happen tomorrow when I can live happily today.

Pardon me for not taking any photo because my new phone so lame till I don't know how to use it! hmphf!!!

Thanks baby for making me so happy and I love you soooooooo much. Muaxmuax~

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