Sunday, February 22, 2009

I felt blank today. I've never feel such blank for quite sometime.
Then I started to recall, when was the last time I have an empty mind?
I don't remember it. You know why? Because we always ignore the moment that we are in good health, good mood, good talks and stuffs. We always remember when was the last time you got sick real bad? Yeah we only remember we were angry over the food that we ordered came late rather than the tasty food that we've ever had.

Why don't we keep the good memory rather than the bad ones?
I don't know, it just weird that I start to question such things...
I had a nice chat with an old friend about his daily way of life, a shocking talk on how the time is flying, about the worst the world is going to... and now I felt like writing blog even though I've got nothing to write about.

Sometime I just felt bless for what we have and what we are trying our best to get it. And I felt bless that I at least have a peace in mind for one day in life, a friend to talk to, memory to keep and beautiful stories of lives, don't you?

Errr.... pardon me for just babbling around O.o..till then..adios && have a nice weekend.

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